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The increase in state and federal funding for high-quality early childhood programs recognizes that the foundation for success in school is established well before children enter kindergarten. Identifying preschool children who are at risk of poor learning outcomes and monitoring their growth and development is key to building the skills they will need as they progress through school.

As a research-based tool for screening and progress monitoring, myIGDIs meets the criteria for a range of funding sources. Renaissance’s funding team has created several resources to assist you in finding, applying for, and securing funding for myIGDIs.

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Common funding sources for myIGDIs

Programs for preschool-age children typically use one or more of the sources below to purchase myIGDIs.

District Pre-K Budgets

Some districts support pre-K with local sources, such as sales or property tax.

State Funds

Most states provide funding for pre-K programs, either through their general fund appropriations for programs, block grants for targeted purposes, or the state’s K–12 funding formula.

Federal Funds

Both formula and competitive funding is available as grants to states or local program providers, or as allocations to states.

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Explore how myIGDIs measures and observational tools help preschool educators close skill gaps and keep children engaged in learning.

Blog Post

Explore the connection between key literacy and numeracy skills in preschool and support students’ early learning journeys.

On-Demand Webinar

Join the co-creator of myIGDIs for tips on using your assessment data to support students’ early learning journeys.

Ready for Kindergarten? Confidently decide with myIGDIs.

Discover why educators in more than 13,000 US schools rely on myIGDIs to evaluate the needs of their preschool learners.

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