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Assessing preschool children remotely

Dr. Scott McConnell, the co-creator of myIGDIs and an expert in early childhood assessment, provides strategies for keeping preschool children engaged in a remote learning environment.

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Why do early childhood educators choose myIGDIs?

A teacher with a boy and a tablet.

Support kindergarten readiness

Get a concise overview of myIGDIs measures and tools by downloading the brochure.

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Make decisions with confidence

See why thousands of preschool educators rely on myIGDIs to inform instruction. Watch this short overview.

A teacher reading with a little boy.

Get insights into literacy development

Watch an educator administer a Rhyming measure to a preschool child in this brief video.

A teacher working with a young girl.

Get insights into numeracy development

Watch an educator administer a 1-to-1 Correspondence Counting measure to a preschool child in this brief video.


Helpful resources for early childhood educators

Guiding early learning journeys

In this on-demand webinar, you’ll discover best practices for assessing early learners—along with tips for using your assessment data to plan daily instruction.

Early literacy and numeracy connections

Discover the connections between early literacy and early numeracy skill development in preschool. You’ll also see why early numeracy skills are the best predictor of children’s future success.

7 early literacy pillars

An expert in language and literacy development shares helpful tips for teaching alphabetic principle, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, and much more.

myIGDIs Smart Start™

Learn how to get started using myIGDIs measures in your classroom with these videos, checklists, and activities.

Help all children build a strong foundation for success

Discover why educators in more than 13,000 US schools rely on myIGDIs to evaluate the needs of their preschool learners.

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