Systematic, explicit literacy instruction aligned to the Science of Reading

Lalilo phonics and word recognition exercises support students’ mastery of foundational literacy skills and align to foundational reading standards. Students practice phonemic awareness, letter recognition, letter-sound correspondence, blending, segmenting, decoding, fluency, and comprehension through scaffolded lessons. Students work on engaging exercises in various contexts that meet their individual needs to ensure mastery before moving on.

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The Role of Individualized Lalilo Practice

A study of 1,512 students in grades K–2 shows that early literacy practice with Lalilo is associated with higher levels of growth in general literacy achievement. Further, students who used Lalilo more intensively and for a longer period experienced the most growth in their literacy skills.

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Research Foundation for Lalilo

Discover how Lalilo can help you personalize foundational literacy development for every student.


Foundational literacy and the Science of Reading

See how Lalilo offers vigorous, creative, and differentiated practice for every learner.

Lalilo is perfect for differentiating phonics instruction and allowing student independence. My students enjoy the game aspect of Lalilo and are excited to earn books, badges, and rewards as they make progress. Lalilo has become a staple in my classroom.

Andrea King • Teacher, Ashland-Greenwood Elementary School


Lalilo brochure

Master foundational literacy skills by grade 3

Discover how Lalilo can help you personalize foundational literacy development for every student.


Meet Lalilo

Learn how Lalilo builds the foundational literacy skills of K–2 learners with engaging lessons that meet students where they are.

Meet Lalilo

Give students personalized practice to help them master early literacy skills

Join thousands of educators nurturing passionate and enthusiastic readers with Lalilo.

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