Drive student growth

Students learn better when we all work together. The Renaissance Growth Platform connects assessment, instruction, and practice across partner products and your Renaissance products. Seamless syncing keeps students’ data up-to-date and allows for uninterrupted learning.

Powerful analytics

Precise data feeds into the platform to provide one central spot for information. You’ll see where your students are and where they can go—and make sure they’re on the path to success.

Seamless interoperability

The platform meets and exceeds industry-recognized standards and certifications, serving the needs of state reporting systems, and ensuring friction-free access with Renaissance Growth Alliance™ partners like ClassLink and Clever.

Did you know the Renaissance Growth Platform is OneRoster 1.1 certified?

Enhanced infrastructure

YOU maintain full control over your students’ data. Key tools—including data encryption, detailed logging, resilient data storage, and versioning controls—ensure your students’ data remains secure and private.

Data for all aspects of student success

Explore custom-built dashboards and reports

Personalized dashboards and reports detailing each student’s growth help you better support your students and teachers across the entire district. Intuitive data makes understanding each student’s progress a breeze.

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Make instructional decisions with confidence

Powerful data at your fingertips helps you identify trends in student learning—and visualize the path ahead. You’ll be able to quickly adapt to changing student needs and make informed decisions about instruction and support.

Instructional Decisions

Keep families in the loop

Printable and easy-to-read reports keep families up-to-date on their child’s individual progress and growth—and provides a glimpse into their child’s achievements and milestones.

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"The timeliness of Renaissance data, the quality and breadth of Renaissance solutions, and the company’s understanding of today’s students combine for a partnership that Guadalupe educators can leverage each day to expand opportunities and improve the lives of students."

Dr. Emilio Handall • Superintendent, Guadalupe Union School District

Always up-to-date

Connected. Actionable. Secure.

Connected products

The Renaissance Growth Platform seamlessly shares data using the most up-to-date technology. We’ve done the back-end work so that you don’t have to.

Actionable insight

Make instructional decisions with confidence. Dashboards and reports in the platform show you exactly where your students are and what they’re ready to tackle next.

Secure Data

Your students’ data is irreplaceable—we know that. It influences individual lesson plans, instruction, and support. Rest well knowing that your students’ data is secure 24/7 with state-of-the-art infrastructure and security.


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