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Star 360’s intuitive dashboards


Star 360 dashboards combine key data from Renaissance’s assessment and practice products to provide a quick, clear view of student performance.

Review data at the student, group, or class level and various timeframes to determine what’s working, what isn’t, and most importantly, what to do next.


Twin practice dashboards

Math Dashboard

A Math Dashboard displays data from Accelerated Math, along with Star Math assessment data.

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Reading Dashboard

A Reading Dashboard displays your data from Accelerated Reader 360, along with Star Reading assessment data.

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Deep district-level insight at a glance

The District Dashboard allows administrators to quickly see how each school in their district is progressing toward goals and benchmarks. Select from 20 built-in dashboards, or create custom views from over 50 metrics.


Know how your schools are growing in relation to each other, and answer key questions about performance.


Forecast summative exam success


Monitor how each school in your district is likely to perform on summative exams.


Detailed reports

In addition to the dashboard, Star 360 creates detailed reports of students’ progress toward benchmarks and estimated mastery of standards, and identifies which students are in need of intervention.

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