We work with WISEdash

We are excited to announce that the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction and Renaissance® have partnered to offer Renaissance Star Assessments™ dashboards in WISEdash for Districts.

Now, you can enhance your Renaissance Star Reading® and Renaissance Star Math® data with WISEdash’s exceptional reporting. All your valid, reliable Star data can be available in WISEdash's dynamic reports, including:

Download the quick-setup guide to share your data with WISEdash for Districts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact with questions about getting Star data into WISEdash for Districts and understanding the data?
Please contact support@renaissance.com

Who do I contact with questions on WISEdash for Districts functions?
Please submit a help desk ticket to http://dpi.wi.gov/wisedash/help/ticket

Who in my district and school can see the WISEdash for Districts data?
All users with secure access to your district/school for WISEdash for Districts will be able to see Star results.

As a district administrator, how do I grant permission for staff to see the WISEdash for Districts data?
Please refer to: https://dpi.wi.gov/wisedash/districts

How does my district share Star data with the state?
Please refer to: https://doc.renlearn.com/KMNet/R61371.pdf

How do I get demographic data into WISEdash for Districts?
WISEdash loads all student demographic data from districts’ submissions into WISEdata. No additional actions are required to pair this data with Star Assessment results.

How often is the Star WISEdash for Districts data updated?
Once you have completed the steps to prepare your data and authorize the sharing, your data will begin loading into WISEdash the following weekend. New data will be added each weekend as available.

When will Star Early Literacy® data be added to WISEdash for Districts?
Star Early Literacy will be available in WISEdash in the future.

For further information, visit the DPI website.