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Motivate, monitor, and manage students’ independent reading practice with Accelerated Reader and watch as students develop a true love for reading.

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Research-based, research-proven

Accelerated Reader puts reading research in action

Decades of reading research has identified the best practices that transform “regular reading” into high-quality reading practice that sends growth soaring. Accelerated Reader helps educators, students, and their families put these practices into action—and more than 30 years of research prove Accelerated Reader is highly effective at raising reading achievement for students of all ability levels.

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Built on a strong research foundation

Proven to increase reading quantity, reading quality, and student growth



Books read by US students with Accelerated Reader in one school year



Schools and districts use Accelerated Reader to boost literacy growth


Research studies prove program efficacy, including 30+ peer-reviewed studies


More likely to be college and career ready for struggling readers with best-practice use

Accelerated Reader is one of the most heavily researched reading programs in the world. It has earned high ratings and endorsements from multiple researchers and education organizations:

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Recommended research and resources

Trends in Student Outcome Measures

Study of 2.8 million kids finds students are nearly twice as likely to be college and career ready with Accelerated Reader

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What Kids Are Reading

The world’s largest annual study of K–12 student reading habits reveals key factors for accelerating reading growth

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The Research Foundation for Accelerated Reader

Dozens of studies support the science behind—and prove the efficacy of—Accelerated Reader

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Education Leader’s Guide to Reading Growth

Research reveals why quantity, difficulty, and comprehension are essential factors in reading practice and literacy growth

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Real stories from real educators

Success stories from schools and districts like yours

Elementary students read two million words in one week

Accelerated Reader helped foster the motivation and excitement that lead to these students devouring hundreds of books in a single week.

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Louisiana school notes two-grade improvement in school performance

In just four years, a principal has led renewed efforts to boost achievement, helping the school advance nearly two letter grades on state school performance scores.

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