Easy access to math practice data


The Math Dashboard combines key data from Accelerated Math and Star Math to provide a 360-degree view of student performance and progress toward goals. You gain insight at-a-glance to help you facilitate practice and instruction to drive growth.

Review data at the student, group, or class level and various timeframes to determine what’s working, what isn’t, and most importantly, what to do next.

This dashboard is available with your Accelerated Math, Star Math, or Star 360 subscription.


Bring data into focus.

You can see math growth and practice data in one place to get a complete view of math practice performance.


Dig deeper.

Explore students’ performance compared to their own unique goals and how their peers are progressing. Get detailed diagnostics and build a growth plan.


Immediate feedback for all

Each time a student finishes an assignment, they’ll see exactly how they did. Plus, you can see immediately how students are progressing on your dashboard.


Students get a practice summary after completing assignments.

You can keep track of assignments and progress toward goals.

Powered by Core Progress learning progressions


Accelerated Math and Star 360 use Core Progress, an empirically validated learning progression built for your state’s standards. Core Progress maps each prerequisite in order, so you know what students need to master and when to teach each skill.

Over 50,000 resources in Core Progress including performance tasks, lessons, sample items, and worked examples from Renaissance—and our great partners—make it simple to enhance lesson plans on the spot.


You get immediate insight into: