One assessment solution for Michigan’s many needs

Imagine if it took only 20 minutes or less to identify what students know, where they are on a Michigan-specific learning progression, and the next best steps for mastery of Michigan standards. Let us show you how Renaissance Star Assessments®—Star Early Literacy®, Star Reading®, Star Math®, Star Custom®, and Star Spanish®—can provide the rich learning insights you need to guide all students to Michigan success.

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We’re coming to a location near you! Discover Renaissance Star 360 as we tour the state of Michigan during the month of May.

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Predict performance on the M-Step

One of the driving questions in education today is, “Will students perform well on the state test?” Renaissance has linked Star Reading and Star Math tests to the M-Step, making it easy for teachers to proactively adjust instruction and intervention to improve student outcomes on the M-Step.

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