When educators have accurate predictions of student performance on high-stakes tests, they don’t just get to see the future. They have the power to change the future.

By targeting the skill gaps standing between students and success, educators can prepare learners to succeed in school and beyond. Explore how Renaissance Star Assessments® can help you chart the path forward for every student.

See the future,
change the future

Imagine what you could accomplish if, early in the school year, you knew which students were on track for proficiency on your state test—and which were likely to fall short. What instructional changes would you make? What additional support would you provide to struggling learners?

Star Assessments give you this insight, along with embedded tools and resources to support targeted instruction. Plus, you can easily track students’ progress over the course of the school year, providing an up-to-the-minute view of each learner’s growth and achievement.

High-stakes success for every student

District predicts state test results within 3–5 percent

Discover how one district is using Star’s predictive power to put every student on the pathway to proficiency—and drive greater student growth.

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District boosts state test performance and state ranking

Explore how Star helps this district predict the performance of 81,000 students—and intervene early to close skill gaps and raise achievement.

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Predict student performance with confidence

Avoid surprises by knowing well in advance how students are likely to perform on your state summative test. At Renaissance, we have extensive experience linking Star Assessments to high-stakes tests, giving you predictions you can trust. Select your state below to see the technical details in your state linking study.

Prepare every student for college and career success

For many students, taking the ACT or SAT is a major event and has a significant impact on their plans for the future.

Yet many students don’t take the ACT or SAT until their junior year of high school, leaving little time to address skill deficits and improve performance. With Star Assessments, you’ll know early in the school year—in fact, as early as grade 6—whether students are on track to meet ACT and SAT college readiness benchmarks. The result: More time to adjust instruction, provide extra support, and help every student focus on the path ahead.

Don’t have Renaissance Star Assessments?

Discover how Star will help you chart a path to high-stakes success for every student—and provide targeted support to drive both growth and achievement.

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