Imagine putting thousands of books in every student’s backpack. Telling students to go ahead, write in the books, highlight, make notes. Picture giving your students the ability to explore, access, and interact with digital books 24/7. Now combine that with the proven approach to reading practice delivered by Renaissance Accelerated Reader® and Renaissance Star Assessments® at tens of thousands of schools. Do you see literacy growth reaching new heights? Let’s talk.

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A literacy growth solution with assessment-driven practice and digital access to lift every learner

What happens when you have valid, state-specific reading assessment, 24/7 student access to thousands of eBooks and short-form texts, and personalized reading practice with quizzes for nearly 200,000 books? Students take a giant leap forward on the path to literacy!

More than 7 million students now read with myON®, by Renaissance®, at school, at home, anywhere! myON brings to Renaissance “anywhere, anytime” access with a digital library providing 13,000 books and daily news articles. Because students have their own copies of the digital books, they can interact in a way not possible with physical texts or subscriptions. (And they can download up to 20 books to read offline.)

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Take a leap forward in literacy growth with personalized practice and digital access.

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