Ending the School Year Right

Just a few steps will help you finish up the 2017-18 year strong and get ready for an even better 2018-19!

Generate/Print Renaissance Star® Reports:

When your students have finished their Star Assessments for the year, generate or print any end-of-the-year reports. Why? Several Star reports are designed to be used during the current school year only. If you don’t run the reports now, you won’t be able to get the data later. Take the time to make sure you’re capturing your school’s results.

Examples include: Student Progress Monitoring and the Growth Report with SGP.

For more information about end-of-year reports, visit this Knowledge Base article.

New School Year Set Up

You can start your 2018-19 school year set up now. To ensure a smooth transition into the next school year, we encourage your site administrator to make sure that the new school year is created before your staff and students return for the next year. View this Help File and this Knowledge Base article for more information.

Plan for Back-to-School Professional Learning

Review available Renaissance Professional Services and see what professional learning plans will lead you to success in 2018-19

Schedule fall professional development now by contacting your Renaissance representative.

Refresh your knowledge of your Renaissance solutions by visiting Renaissance Smart Start from the banner on your Renaissance Homepage.

Update Key Contacts

Making sure we are able to communicate important information with your school or district requires that we have the right people and their contact information in our system.

If you have any changes for your Renaissance District Administrator, Professional Development Contact, and Implementation Leader, please let us know. You can contact your implementation coordinator to update your key contacts.

RDI – Renaissance Data Integration

If you purchase Renaissance’s data integration service (RDI), it’s important to verify some information regarding your school calendar.

If you haven’t done so already, contact your systems consultant directly to provide your school year start and end dates. If you need assistance, you can always reach out to the RDI Support Team as well, either by phone (800-461-3174) or email (rdisupport@renaissance.com)