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This year, let’s dedicate ourselves to helping every learner discover the love of reading. To support this goal, we’ve curated our most popular resources on student literacy, from free access to digital books to new insights on reading motivation and engagement.


Free access to 6,500 digital books

Give your students 24/7 access to digital books and daily news articles on myON. For a limited time, administrators can request a free myON Shared Account for their district. With low-bandwidth and offline reading options available, myON is perfect for connecting every K–12 student with engaging texts for anytime, anywhere reading.

Providing books during a pandemic

See how educators are providing reading materials to students both in and out of school.

What Kids Are Reading: 2021 Edition

Explore the world’s largest annual survey of K–12 student reading habits.

Featured myON Collections

Expand your students’ horizons this school year

Each myON collection includes popular, relevant, and enriching topics to keep students engaged and growing. This spring, we’re highlighting titles for Black History Month and Women’s History Month.


Helpful resources for educators and families

A girl reading with her dog outside

How families can support reading practice outside of school

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A kid holding an Accelerated Reader Quiz on a tablet

Quizzing at home in Accelerated Reader

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A group of students reading in a library

How California districts are inspiring their students to read at home

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A girl and her mom reading outdoors

How to build a summer reading program that engages students and families

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Literacy Minutes

See how schools are using Accelerated Reader to support both in-person and remote learning.

Get best practices for integrating Accelerated Reader into your daily classroom routine.

What is ZPD—and why is it so important to students’ daily reading practice?

 Products that work together no matter where students learn

Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader guides students to engaging, just-right texts for independent daily reading practice.


myON provides 24/7 access to thousands of fiction and nonfiction titles through a personalized literacy experience.

myON News

myON News delivers engaging, kid-friendly reporting on US and world events, in English, French, and Spanish.