About Learnalytics data

Learnalytics® data powers every Renaissance practice and assessment solution. This is how our team of researchers, scientists, psychometricians, and academic experts unlock, understand, and act on our ever-growing database and advances in learning science. Billions of Learnalytics data points help data experts glean new insights and refine and improve our solutions.

Learnalytics data accelerates learning for teachers and students by allowing for shorter assessments and more precise fine-tuning of learning progressions, so you can provide the right instruction at the right time.

Learnalytics data tells you what students like and how they learn

Reading is like any other skill—to become good at it, students must practice. And when students find just the right book, reading practice feels like magic. Kids are transported to different times and new places, all within the pages of a book.

Our annual What Kids Are Reading report is a wonderful place to seek reading inspiration, based on insights from our Learnalytics data. The report brings insight to educators, parents, and students who want to learn more about what other kids like to read and how that reading impacts how kids grow. Read the whole report, including essays by popular children’s authors, or use the web app to customize popular reading lists by grade, gender, state, and more.

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