High school educators

You have the awesome responsibility to ensure your students graduate on time and successfully step into college and career.

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Create lifelong, proficient consumers of print and media

  • Promote meaningful cross-disciplinary learning opportunities through reading.
  • Reinforce overall content-area literacy and vocabulary with the right materials.
  • Provide appropriate levels of literary challenge for high-achieving students.
  • Identify age-appropriate lower-level reading materials for struggling students, non-readers, and English-learners.
  • Find reading material for your Spanish-speaking English learners.

Building a culture of lifelong readers

Renaissance Accelerated Reader® has played a huge role in building and maintaining the appetite for books at Reidland High School. Read more ›

Motivate students with engaging reading

Guide all students of all abilities to mastery and graduation


Making RTI work for middle and high school

Learn proven strategies for RTI success in the upper grades. Plus, discover how to improve growth for all students. Watch webinar ›

  • Quickly identify who’s below, at, or above benchmarks in reading and math.
  • See precisely what skills students below benchmark are missing.
  • Provide appropriate challenges for high-achieving students.
  • Understand if skill gaps or language are barriers to Spanish-speaking English language learners’ success.
  • Access planning and instructional resources to help all students reach mastery and move toward graduation.
  • Monitor progress throughout each year, and quickly pivot to ensure success on high-stakes testing.

Improve outcomes with actionable insights