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Help high school students reach their full potential

High school is a time filled with change. Whether students are planning to enroll in college, serve in the military, or enter the workforce after graduation, make sure each student is on track toward being their absolute best.

Are your students prepared to take the ACT or SAT?

Taking the ACT or SAT is a big event, and the outcome has a huge impact on students’ future plans. It’s critical to know as soon as possible which students are on track to graduate and are prepared for the challenges ahead and which ones need additional help. Renaissance Star Reading® and Renaissance Star Math® are linked to the ACT college admissions test for English, reading, and mathematics, as well as the SAT college admissions test for evidence-based reading and writing (ERW) and mathematics, so you can check students’ progress toward key benchmarks. This provides not just performance insights, but a chance to correct and shift a student’s course if needed.

Are your students prepared for future success?

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School ends—reading never does

Reading is an essential task for people of all ages and walks of life. As students graduate and become independent adults, they will need to transition from reading for school to reading for themselves—for their own enjoyment, for self-improvement, for professional development, for communication with customers and colleagues, and much more.

Together, Renaissance Accelerated Reader®, Renaissance myON Reader™, and Star Reading help build those essential skills and promote a growth mindset through goals, a rich collection of different fiction and nonfiction, and detailed student feedback.

Increase students’ reading abilities through independent reading practice personalized with Accelerated Reader.

Provide unlimited access to a broad collection of authentic digital texts that broaden students’ views of the world using myON Reader.

Gain a complete view into students’ reading comprehension, achievement, and growth, plus track understanding of focus skills aligned to your learning standards, with Star Reading.

Show-me results: Missouri HS reading program yields fast, double-digit proficiency gains

Skeptics might argue that fixing a school’s chronically poor reading scores takes years, not months. But at Northwest High School in Hughesville, Missouri, a determined community of educators, students, and parents implemented a reading assessment and intensive intervention program that produced double-digit proficiency gains in just two and a half months.

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Build students’ math skills—and confidence

As high school students tackle tough, complex problems, they need rich and personalized support. Renaissance Accelerated Math® provides personalized practice for tough topics like Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry. The problems in Accelerated Math help students build incremental confidence—whether they realize it or not. Once students feel confident, they open up to mathematical discourse in the classroom and productive struggle in their practice. Meanwhile, you gain access to a wealth of data, providing a snapshot into what skills students are tackling, built-in resource ideas, and insight into which questions are giving students trouble.

Did you know high school math predicts college graduation, postsecondary degrees, and career earnings?

It’s true! In fact, one report that examined the long-term outcomes of thousands of students across the United States found clear connections between the highest level of math completed by the end of high school and the highest degree of education attained 10 years later.

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Chart a path to high-stakes success

High school is the last chance for students to close skill gaps before entering higher education or the workplace, where they won’t get the targeted support that you can offer—and where struggles can cause major consequences, such as failed coursework or lost jobs. Renaissance Star Assessments® help you pinpoint and close specific skill gaps to help ensure all students are prepared to succeed after graduation:

Gain insight into students’ strengths and weaknesses in just 20 minutes of testing time

Set personalized goals for each student based on their performance

Put progress-monitoring data into action with embedded instructional resources, learning activities, and more—all matched to state's high school standards

Timely and trustworthy: Finding your best assessment

Could a shorter assessment help protect your instructional time while still providing the rich, data-driven insights needed to effectively guide instruction? Read about test length, reliability, and validity in Timely and trustworthy: Finding your best assessment.

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Help students become their absolute best

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