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Special pricing is available for year-round reading with myON.

Get details on Back to School Savings.

Free reading program engaged students in learning all summer!

Renaissance provided free access to thousands of enhanced digital books and age-appropriate news articles this summer for all children, parents/guardians, educators, and librarians in Georgia—as a partner in the Get Georgia Reading Campaign.

During the summer reading program, May 3 through July 31, students achieved:

  • 380,416 minutes read and 16,881 books completed with myON
  • 6,200 minutes read and 1,919 articles completed with myON News

Download the 2021 Georgia Summer Reading Program Report and see a full summary of state-wide reading data.

During the last five years, students have read for 7,558,332 minutes through the summer program—the equivalent of reading every minute, every day, for more than 14 years!

Keep Georgia students reading year-round with personalized myON accounts! 

Learn how to continue the momentum of the Georgia summer reading program with year-round, personalized reading practice for each student. Special pricing is available to transition to individual myON accounts and provide a personalized reading experience for every student.

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On-demand webinar:

The Latest in Literacy: How to Innovate Instruction and Support the Science of Reading

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Keep students reading year-round with personalized myON accounts!

Now that the summer reading program has concluded, ensure students continue building their literacy skills by providing year-round, personalized reading practice. Personalized myON accounts enable each student to access engaging literacy resources and complete reading assignments in or out of the classroom, or both.

Educators can gain actionable insights into reading achievement and growth by student, class, school, and district, while supporting instruction across all subject areas and in any learning environment.

Special pricing is available to transition from the shared summer reading account to year-round, personalized myON accounts for each student. Email [email protected] for details on  Back to School Savings (through October 31).


myON provides a personalized digital library for every student.
  • Comprehensive library – more than 13,000 enhanced digital books available in diverse genres, including fiction, nonfiction, and graphic novels
  • Personalized recommendations – based on each student’s grade, reading level, and interests
  • Reading and Writing Tools – highlighter, shapes, drawing brush, notes, citations, graphic organizers, and essay writer
  • Projects – simple or multi-element lessons for individual students, groups, or whole classes
  • Reports – get actionable insights into reading activity, proficiency, and growth—by student, class, school, and district

Renaissance myON

myON News engages students in daily nonfiction reading while building content-area and media literacy skills.
  • Comprehension quizzes – measure each reader’s understanding of article content
  • Teacher guides – integrate literacy into instruction for all subject areas with discussion prompts, activities, and news resources
  • Related books – seamlessly connect news articles to relevant books in your myON digital library
  • Reports – view trends in reading activity at the class, grade, and school level—including number of articles read, minutes read, reading frequency, and most-popular articles

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Parents, guardians, and other adult family members can have a huge impact on a child’s reading success. Discover effective, research-driven tips to encourage kids to read at home.

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What Kids Are Reading–in Georgia

What are students in Georgia reading? What Kids Are Reading is the world’s largest annual study of K-12 student reading habits. View the national report and create a custom report to see the most-read books by grade for students in Georgia.

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