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Star Assessments

  1. Some Star reports are designed to be used during the current school year. After students have finished their last Star Assessments for the 2021-2022 school year, we suggest running the reports listed here.
  2.  View the Star Toolkit (page 8) for end-of-year reporting advice.
Student testing

Star CBM

  1.  Learn about Star CBM Data and review end-of-year progress
  2.  Save a PDF or screen capture of the screening comparison tab or the last goal progress graph for students if needed since these views can’t be accessed for previous school years.
  3.  Consider how you’ll use new options this fall, like Star CBM Lectura, additional RAN measures, and skill recommendations.
Student learning


  1. Grade level increases
    This year, we will not be automatically increasing student grade levels. We do have a “bulk change grade level” feature on the rosters page. We’ll remind teachers about this feature closer to back-to-school.
  2. Clearing data/resetting levels
    We don’t clear or reset any student data. Students will not need to retake pretests and will not lose any coins, etc. If desired, teachers can select to reset math/ELA levels from the Levels reports.
  3. Clearing out assignments
    Assignments created before a cut-off date in the 2021/2022 school year will be cleared automatically during the summer prior to back-to-school. Communications will be sent closer to the summer about the exact cut-off date when the clear out will occur.
  4. Admin Dashboard filters
    The filters on the administrator dashboard default to the most recent July 1 through today. This means that on July 2, they will show the “upcoming school year.” It will appear blank because students will not have practiced. However, users can simply change the filters to view past data.
Little girl on a tablet


  1. Tips for setting roster visibility for summer and rollover dates can be found here.
  2. What will Schoolzilla Admins, School Leaders, and Teachers see in Schoolzilla over summer?
  3. Want to prepare your Schoolzilla Dashboards for 2022-23? Check out the Summer Rollover Checklist.
Teacher taking notes


  1. If you are a Clever partner, pause your data feed.
  2. Some myON reports are not designed to be run for previous school years. We suggest running reports before the new school year start date based on the type of data your school needs.
  3. The myON school year automatically rolls over each year on the School Year Start Date. By default, July 1st is the roll over date for all districts unless customized by District Administrators.
  4. Provide families insights and tips for reading in myON with children of any age during the summer.
Teenaged girl reading on a tablet


  1. Review the condition of your myIGDIs kits and order additional Record Forms or replacement/additional kits in preparation for next year.
  2. Watch for an email in mid to late July with important information about upgrading your iPad application for the 2022-23 school year.
  3.  Consider exporting your data if you would like to be able to manipulate your data after the school year rolls over on August 15. Review the article on Rolling Over School Year Data and Archiving for more information.
  4.  Give parents some ideas for learning activities to prepare for kindergarten they can use over the summer with their child.
Teacher and young student

Accelerated Reader

  1. Review the Record Book & Goals (for K-2) or run Goals Met Report (grades 3+) before the school year ends. These reports will help you gain insights and celebrate wins as you head into summer.
  2.  Reading Snapshots are a great way to share this school year’s reading achievements for the district, school, grade, or class level. You can create Reading Snapshots in a couple of clicks and share them on your website.
Student Reading


  1. How do I end my school year with Lalilo?
    Lalilo classes will remain active unless you archive or delete them. This means students stay enrolled in the same class until you transfer them to their new class.

  2. What reports/data views should I save? How will these reports/views help the teachers next school year?
    Data will continually accumulate since there are not designated school years in Lalilo. Since there is not current functionality to print a .pdf/.csv of Lalilo data, we suggest taking screenshots or using a browser’s printing options to print the desired data.
  3. What should I do so my students can continue using this product in the summer?
    Your class will remain active until you delete it. This means your students can access Lalilo throughout the summer.
    If you want your students to use Lalilo for the summer, make sure you provide them with Home Code. Students can then go to from their home computers, click on “Log In” and “Student at Home,” then enter their code and continue practicing where they left off.
  4. Where to find and share to Home Codes
  5. Lalilo Help Content

Additional information for Summer 2022 and beyond

Set up summer school and/or new school year

District Administrators are encouraged to:

School Administrators are encouraged to:

Teachers talking

Plan and schedule professional learning

  • Select Professional Services that will lead you to greater success in 2022–2023.
  • Schedule summer/fall professional development now. Simply contact your representative or call (800) 338-4204.
  • Visit Renaissance -U to access guides, tutorials, and activities to refresh your knowledge of best practices.
Teachers in conference

Additional information for end-of-year and Summer 2022

  1. Key personnel changes? Contact your Account Executive or Customer Support team. We can help update your account information.
  2. Do you have Custom Data Integration (CDI)? Your Data Integration team will contact you for school-year start/end dates and other information.
  3. Visit the Summer Learning page for one-stop access to the summer 2022 resources to learn how to address learning loss and foster student growth this summer.
Group of teachers planning


What Kids Are Reading

What Kids Are Reading is the world’s largest annual study of K-12 student reading habits. The new 2022 edition shows you the most popular books at each grade level, titles to support social-emotional learning, and much more.

Summer Learning

Renaissance products can meet your students’ needs and goals in any learning environment. We have information for formal summer school, summer enrichment programs, and independent summer learning. In addition, there’s information for program planning, Renaissance Focus Skills, funding information, Summer Student and Family Engagement Kits, and more!

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