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Education Leader’s Guide
to Reading Growth

Explore essential research about reading practice, growth factors, motivation, comprehension, and other elements that you need to know to support student success.

Guide to Reading Growth

Designed for curriculum directors, principals, and other school and district leaders, this research-driven guide examines the most essential aspects of high-quality reading practice and the elements that accelerate reading growth. Get your copy today for the insights you need to put all students on the path to reading success.

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Did you know select parts of the Education Leader’s Guide to Reading Growth were originally published as a series on the Renaissance Blog? Read the original blogs, then subscribe to the Renaissance Blog for more great reads.

73% of educators and literacy experts think it’s important or extremely important that administrators act as literacy leaders in their schools and districts.


Explore and enhance your role as a highly effective literacy leader by downloading the Education Leader’s Guide to Reading Growth today.

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