Gain insight. Guide student growth.
Accelerate learning.

As a Charter school educator, you're committed to inspiring better student outcomes. Renaissance solutions help you nurture student agency by providing the assessment, practice and insights you need to personalize learning and the flexibility to guide each student to mastery.


Guide reading growth for every student with the Renaissance® literacy growth solution—assessment-driven, personalized reading practice, plus access to thousands of digital books!

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Partnering to achieve your educational mission

Renaissance is proud to partner with Charter school educators to accelerate learning for all students. Explore how we’re helping your peers achieve success and unlock their students’ true potential.

Unify assessment and instruction to maximize student growth

Renaissance solutions help you connect assessment and practice data, personalize learning, and guide student growth toward mastery.

RenaissanceFlow 360.eps

Maximize instruction time with a seamless flow of data from assessment to instruction and practice resources, into a unified measure of student mastery.

  • Gain actionable insights into what students are ready to learn, in 20 minutes or less.
  • Connect assessment data with recommended skills and resources for just-right instruction.
  • Get instant access to the right instructional resources, including content from Renaissance Growth Alliance partners (e.g. Edmentum, Achieve3000) and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.
  • Assign practice at the appropriate level of challenge to propel student growth.

Personalized Reading Practice

Accelerated Reader 360

  • Build agency through self-selected reading practice with nearly 200,000 books and articles.
  • Hone vocabulary and close reading skills with more than 1,500 nonfiction articles.

myON by Renaissance Color

  • Give each student 24/7 access to more than 13,000 books matched to individual interests, grade, and reading level.
  • Deliver daily articles and multi-media resources based upon current events and written just for K–8.

Innovate instruction and improve achievement

Discover insights and best practices to guide each student to higher academic outcomes.

See how we can help you ensure all your students reach their full potential.

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