Personalizing learning to move California students forward

Partnering to support Local Control & Accountability Plans

With Renaissance, California districts can develop and enhance their personalized literacy programs to meet the requirements of Local Control and Accountability Plans (LCAPs). Renaissance supports efforts designed to improve student achievement and outcomes along multiple measures.

Additional support has been made available for your Low-Performing Students Block Grant. See how to make the most effective use of these funds with our evidence-based solutions. Learn more

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Renaissance supports districts with:

  • Pre-K—12 Screener (English & Spanish)
  • Progress monitoring to track student growth
  • Thousands of leveled, enhanced digital books in English and Spanish available 24/7
  • Instructional materials that align with California state standards
  • Parent portal & parent reports to further family involvement
  • Proven-effective solutions to improve student outcomes
  • Supports to engage all students on an equitable basis
  • Goal setting that contributes to a positive school climate
  • Universal access to books in and out of school
  • Actionable student data in all content areas

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Download the guidance document on updating LCAPs

Support and guidance for your LCAPs

  1. Guidance for updating your annual LCAP

    Renaissance makes it easier to update your annual plans. See how we support California’s eight state priorities while providing additional support for low-performing schools. Download the guidance document developed by our California funding experts. See current information on how Renaissance Star Assessments®, Accelerated Reader®, and Accelerated Math® support goals, actions, and outcomes.

  2. Digital content and supports

    Each subscription for Renaissance myON Reader™ includes a broad cross-section of titles from Capstone and Partner Publishers. For a list of publishers included with each grade-range package, see our LCAP Content document. Includes text sets aligned to the California and ELD Standards based on K–5 Units of Study in Social Studies, Science, Arts and Health, including Spanish and Bilingual titles.

    Download Sample Book Lists correlated to California Standards:
    Health  |  Language Arts  |  Science  |  Social Studies

    • Professional Development: The Getting Started suite, made up of on-site and virtual sessions, is part of the basic LCAP subscription package. A Family Engagement package may be added. For more information, download the LCAP Professional Development document.
    • Customer Support: Our dedicated customer support personnel will help ensure a positive experience from implementation planning to cultivating a strong, collaborative partnership.

Download the myON LCAP Package Overview or Executive Guide for more details

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See how we can work together and help you ensure all your students reach their full potential.

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