If you are a Renaissance administrator, your to-do list:

  1. Update your 2022-2023 myON roster data (see below for data refresh information).
  2. Provide myON resources to faculty members.
  3. Ensure every student can log in.

If you are a Renaissance teacher/librarian, your to-do list:

  1. Ensure every student can log in.
  2. Check that your roster is up to date (administrators see below for data refresh information).
  3. New users should take a placement assessment.
  4. Check that returning users have an up-to-date Reading Assessment (if applicable) based on your myON license. Additional information is also available.
  5. Encourage students to set personal reading goals.

Rostering Options

myON offers several options for rostering. Each offers various advantages depending on your school and district needs.

  1. Renaissance SSO
    If you have myON and/or Star and Accelerated Reader, this will be the best way to get the most out of both products. You will create your roster in RGP and your student, teacher, and class records will sync with myON. Customers who take advantage of this rostering option will automatically get the following benefits:

    • Star integration: Star Reading and ATOS ZPD scores will show in the student profile.
    • Accelerated Reader integration: If a student reads a book in myON that has an AR quiz, they will have the option to take the AR quiz without having to log into a different platform.

If you purchased Custom Data Integration, a Data Specialist will reach out shortly to discuss the setup with you.

  1. Administrator Bulk Rostering through the Enroll platform
    The Enroll platform allows administrators to upload files with student and faculty data and manually process a refresh. This platform also supports automated data setups such as SFTP, LTI, and LDAP through the AutoEnroll feature. Learn how to prepare your files for myON Data submission.

  1. Flat File Submission
    The myON Customer Experience Coordinators can load a flat file of student and faculty users into the system to expedite rostering. Please read how to prepare your files for myON Data submission.
  2. Clever or Classlink
    If you already use Clever or Classlink, this is a great option for you to easily roster into myON. A Customer Experience Coordinator can assist you in getting this set up. Email your Implementation Coordinator to get connected or look for an email directly from the team outlining next steps.
  3. Self-Rostering
    Great for smaller schools or purchases within specific grade levels. Simply have your administrators or teachers roster students themselves.

myON Rostering Document

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