Rostering options

Lalilo offers several options for rostering. Each offers various advantages depending on your school and district needs.

  1. Shared Rostering through the Renaissance Growth Platform
    Your rosters in the Renaissance Growth platform can easily sync into Lalilo. Please review the following considerations about this option to ensure it is the best choice for you:

    Do you currently use Clever Library to access Lalilo?
    If your site already leverages Clever Library to roster and access Lalilo, we recommend you continue utilizing this functionality. The Renaissance Growth Platform shared rostering does not offer a single sign-on option currently.

    Are you looking for a single sign-on option?
    Assigning Lalilo in the Renaissance Growth Platform will sync rosters into the Lalilo platform. This does not provide single sign-on to Lalilo through the Renaissance Growth Platform. Staff and students will continue to access Lalilo through

    Do you have teacher emails in the Renaissance Growth Platform?
    When Lalilo is assigned in the Renaissance Growth Platform, the teachers associated with the class/course will receive an email with their login instructions. It is important that emails are stored so teachers can quickly access their accounts.

    Please contact your Implementation Coordinator if you would like to enable this rostering option.

  1. Clever Library
    Teachers can quickly roster their account through the Clever Library integration with Lalilo! Please note: administrators cannot do this on behalf of teachers as it is directly connected to the teachers’ Clever Library account. Send these step-by-step instructions to teachers so they can get started using Lalilo with their students!
  2. Manual Rostering
    Teachers can manually add, delete, rename, or transfer a student easily from their Lalilo account! Click here for specific instructions on how to complete these steps.

    Lalilo Rostering Document

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