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If you are a Renaissance administrator, your to-do list for Schoolzilla Professional:

  1. Update your SIS information in My Data
  2. Update your assessment information
  3. Add new user accounts in My Users.
  4. Add new schools or upgrade grades served in My Schools. If any schools are closing, merging, or splitting, please notify [email protected]

Back-to-School Webinar

Get Schoolzilla Professional ready for back to school! Please watch this on-demand webinar to learn details about getting Schoolzilla set up for 2021-2022 and what you will see as your rosters and calendars roll over from one school year to the next. Register and watch the on-demand webinar now.

Administrators: How to update your SIS information

Have your SIS credentials changed?

Please use your specific SIS form in My Data to update the relevant information.


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Do you use the Skyward SMS SIS connector?

Please provide calendar data for the new year using the instructions available here. If you attendance codes or funding periods have changes, please provide updated information using the instructions available here. Finally, you’ll need to ensure you have updated the school year so that you are loading file data for the new 2021-22 year into the “Current” folder on your SFTP site.

Do you use the Tyler SIS connector?

Please download the Tyler Terms and Holidays.xlsx file and upload to the “Other Data” form on My Data. The only TermType values our connector can handle are “Year”, “Semester”, “Quarter”, and “Marking Period”. Please use only these values. You must at least include a “Year” type and that TermName must be “SY”. Sample data are included in the file.

Administrators: How to update your assessment information

Are assessment windows changing for 2021-2022?

Please see our Help Center article for the list of default periods and template for updating testing windows for certain assessments. Upload the completed template to My Data. Please reach out to Support if you have questions.*If you uploaded custom assessment windows for 20-21, we have rolled those dates forward one year.  Please reach out to Support if you’d like to make adjustments.

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Do you have state test results?

We know that many states canceled testing for spring 2019-20.  But if you have other state assessment data from administrations earlier in the year, we can support the official file format.

If you have state assessment data, we can support the official file format. Don’t see an option for 20-21 results in the drop down My Data? You are likely the first one from your state to submit results! Please use the “Other Data” form on My Data to upload the state test result file(s) and notify Support.

Do you use the Illuminate DnA connector?

Please make sure that new assessments have scopes and subject areas assigned. Schoolzilla Enterprise users – please be sure to assign scopes if relevant for your uses.

Do you use the STEP connector?

Please reach out to Support when your cycle windows have been updated for the new school year in STEP Tool.

How to use Schoolzilla during back-to-school

Back-to-school planning

Review data from the previous year at the district and school level to identify bright spots and areas in need of attention in the new school year.

Review metrics related to your district’s strategic plan or school improvement plans and identify gaps that need to be closed.

Identify students in need of immediate support

Filter for students with behavior, academic, or attendance issues from the previous year and create and share one or more student intervention groups with school leaders and teachers so they know which students may need support at the beginning of the year.

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Back-to-School Resources

Use these resources to help make sure school leaders and teachers have the data they need to support their students in the new school year.

Recently released features:

New Schoolzilla features for 2021-2022:

  • Enhanced progress monitoring in Our Students dashboard
    • Compare at-a-glance how students progressed since the last period to determine which students may need additional supports. Learn more.
  • Support for standards-level analysis for Star data
    • Get insights into students’ mastery of specific standards to help inform instructional and curricular adjustments. Learn more.

Professional Learning

Interested in running a data diagnostic?

The Schoolzilla support team can help you identify missing or potentially inaccurate data. Contact support now to schedule a data diagnostic.

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