Back to school with Renaissance®

If you are a Renaissance Administrator, your to-do list:

    1. Add the new school year
    2. Setup/copy marking periods, classes, days off
    3. Review/Adjust preferences, for example:
      • District-level: Set Learning Standards
      • District-level: Set Security Options
      • School-level: Accelerated Reader Date and Time Restrictions
    1. Check out the Additional Resources sections below

If you are a teacher/librarian, your to-do list:

    1. Review classes once set up
    2. Review/Adjust class and student level preferences
    3. Make sure you can locate your student user names and passwords
    4. Check out the Additional Resources sections below

School-year setup

Get started with resources to set up your new school year in your software, and get your students off to their best start in school.


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