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Teaching comes full circle when districts use Renaissance Flow 360® to invigorate learning. Maximize educators' instruction time with a seamless flow of data from assessment to instruction and practice resources, then back into a unified measure of student mastery. Effortless data management equals more teaching time.

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Create and nurture student success with Renaissance Flow 360


Practicing the art of personalized instruction takes hours of preparation: gathering and analyzing data, unearthing content for practice, organizing materials for each student, and keeping track of individual results. Renaissance Flow 360® streamlines the flow of data to plan, deliver, and track differentiated instruction, eliminating time spent organizing and translating between systems.

Renaissance Flow 360

Use the flow of data to simplify planning

Research shows us that teachers spend a tremendous amount of personal time (6-8 hours, on average) collecting and manipulating data to make personalized learning possible. When Renaissance Flow 360 streamlines the flow of data between assessment, planning, gathering resources, and practice to keep that cycle running smoothly, you're free to enjoy more time connecting with your students.

In 20 minutes or less you gain actionable insights into where your students are today and what they’re ready to learn next. Renaissance Flow 360, leveraging the power of Renaissance Star 360, is the key to assessment-driven personalization.

Quickly, efficiently, and effectively assess where your students are

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Quickly and easily find and select the recommended skills and resources using Planner, which connects at-a-glance Star assessment data with the just-right instruction and personalized practice.

Select the skills
you want to teach

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You are in the driver’s seat with maximum flexibility to organize and pace instruction so that students are getting what they need, when they need it.

Choose your assignments
(for this group)

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Accelerated Reader 360 and Accelerated Math practice applications give you the confidence that the practice you assign your students is at the appropriate level. Motivate and challenge them to propel their growth trajectory.

engage students
Engage your students
in their daily practice

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A unified measure of mastery

Make timely and informed decisions about all students’ learning using a unified measure of student mastery. View your students’ level of mastery at the domain, standard, skill, and subskill level.

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“Renaissance Flow 360 gives quality feedback and individualized coursework that makes true differentiation a reality.”

Angie Brewer

Assistant Superintendent – McDonald County R1 District, Missouri

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Make personalized learning a reality


Balancing whole class, small group, and personalized learning gives students the best chance at mastery. Professional development closes the gap between learning a new strategy and applying it to your classroom practice, which can lead to greater achievement for your students.

Personalized learning is made up of three parts that each help tailor instruction to each student’s unique needs.


Streamline the flow of your data and personalize learning like never before.

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