Back to school resources

It’s that time of the year once again. (Wait, wasn’t it June just last week?) As schools across the nation begin to fill with students, everyone is learning new names and welcoming students to a new grade or even a new school, as well as calming nerves. It’s an exciting, but hectic time!

Below, we’ve curated a collection of free resources for back to school season. We’ve pooled these resources together in one place to help you easily find what you need. Take a look, share it with others, and be sure to bookmark this page—we’ll continue to add new resources in the coming months!

Articles, downloadables, and links

Get back in the swing of things

Reading and math motivation tips

Help kids find titles they love to read

Keep parents and families in the loop

For more articles and downloadables, head over to

Videos and webinars

Know someone who would enjoy these resources? Share this page with them. Be sure to visit our back to school page as well. It highlights additional resources, as well as how to get your Renaissance products up and running!

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