How to make Renaissance National Honor Roll

Calling all educators!

Want to get the most out of your Renaissance practice and assessment solutions? Looking to highlight your students’ incredible reading and math achievements?

Renaissance National Honor Roll recognizes teachers, librarians, and school administrators across the nation utilizing Renaissance solutions in their classrooms and schools to their fullest and in turn, seeing measurable student growth.

From August to March, eight Honor Roll challenges are published in Renaissance Royals™. Each challenge is similar to a bite-sized chunk of professional development. The challenges are designed to help you improve your implementations and get the most out of Renaissance Accelerated Reader®, myON® Reader, Star Assessments®, and math practice. It’s important to remember that each challenge needs to be completed to be considered for Honor Roll.

Participating in Honor Roll also provides a natural environment to engage in conversations with fellow educators via Renaissance Royals, a community designed just for Renaissance educators. Educators using Renaissance solutions can join Renaissance Royals to discuss teaching strategies and complete different activities. It’s free and a great resource.

How do educators participate in Honor Roll?

  • Log in to your Renaissance Royals account and click on the Honor Roll channel. (Not a member? Click here to join!)

  • Complete the monthly Honor Roll activities (eight total) throughout the school year and submit your data to demonstrate you’ve reached program data targets.

  • Be recognized! You’ll receive an achievement kit that includes customizable digital student certificates, a classroom pennant, or a school banner.

From Alabama to Wyoming, more than 400 educators were recognized for the 2018–2019 school year. While educators participate in Honor Roll for different reasons, the biggest reason is for their students:

“I participate in Renaissance National Honor Roll because it empowers students to overcome past reading failures by learning proactive reading skills and strategies to gain control of their reading and academic success.”
Yolanda Gonzalez, Teacher

“I participate in Renaissance National Honor Roll to celebrate students’ success. I also like the tips and collaborating with other great leaders.”
Cynthia Green, Teacher

When a teacher, librarian, or school administrator makes Honor Roll, it also provides a chance for some local press, as well as recognition on the Renaissance website. A template press release is provided and can be submitted to local publications. Honor Roll starts August 15, so jump into Renaissance Royals and get ready!

Know someone that should join in on the fun? Encourage them to participate, too.

Carol Dorn, Customer Advocacy Coordinator
Carol Dorn, Customer Advocacy Coordinator
As the Customer Advocacy Coordinator at Renaissance and an ardent supporter of educators, Carol enjoys hosting the Renaissance Royals community and managing the Renaissance National Honor Roll. She has been employed at Renaissance for more than 24 years. Her other passions include gardening, reading, and traveling. She’s also an anglophile and is fond of all things British.

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