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14 educator tips on teaching students to create, share, and collaborate with digital content

Are you looking to build students’ digital literacy skills to better prepare them for success in today’s digital world?

Need a few ideas? We invited educators in our Renaissance Royals community to share examples of favorite assignments, projects, or activities they use to help students of all ages build digital literacy skills.

Inspire your own classroom activities with these tips

“My students work in groups to create a self-made informational text story. They plan, write, and edit their piece. Then they type the words and find pictures to cut and paste into their stories.”

Jodi S.
Teacher, Endeavor, WI

“We have digital scavenger hunts.”

Vanessa W.
Teacher, Selma, AL

“My first graders use Microsoft Word to type their spelling words and write sentences. They also use Microsoft Word to practice writing completed paragraphs from their rough drafts.”

Debra W.
Teacher, Biloxi, MS

“We use choice boards to provide students a variety of ways to demonstrate concept understanding. They access the choice boards online and may also submit their work online. Often, we will edit and revise work online as well.”

Teacher, Riverside, CA

“Students love technology, but they don’t all come with the same basic knowledge. Therefore, some students are not sure and are hesitant to participate. A cure-all for this is a partner. If you give students a chance to collaborate, they come alive. Any activity becomes their favorite. The result is confidence and that’s what unlocks learning. All of a sudden, they can create or learn anything.”

Kristi P.
Teacher, Tulsa, OK

“I like the graphic organizers offered by myON.”

Jessica S.
Library Media Specialist, Selma, AL

“Every year we have a Science Fair. Students are encouraged to use multiple resources to help them in their project.”

Mario S.
Teacher, Pharr, TX

“We use Google docs & slides for most published work.”

Rita P.
Principal, St. Croix Fall, WI

“This year my students were able to create PowerPoints on a business that they created for an economics/entrepreneur unit. They will also be working together to create some videos this week to promote getting donations for our Pennies for Patients fundraiser we are doing right now.”

Kelsie H.
Teacher/Principal, Sydney, MT

“I love Word Mover poems online!”

Karen H.
Teacher, Pilot Mountain, NC

“We plan a 30-second video to our parents using The students are sharing their resolutions/goals for the rest of second grade. The parents like and comment on it in a Facebook-type response.”

Laura S.
Teacher, Holgate, OH

“I have students work in literature circles and share their collaboration using Google slides.”

Lisa C.
Accelerated Reader Coordinator, Coral Springs, FL

“Instead of creating a normal poster board, we have students use digital platforms to create a project.”

Lauren T.
Coordinator, Longview, TX

“I like to have students read current event articles and create content that summarizes the article in order to present it to the class.”

Anastasia W.
Teacher, Baton Rouge, LA

Looking for more ways to build students’ digital literacy skills while enhancing reading growth? See how Renaissance myON® Reader, a student-centered digital library, provides a built-in “projects” tool that enables teachers to create, assign, and share activities and assignments focused on digital content creation, communication, and collaboration.

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