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Resources to help struggling readers

Struggling readers can’t wait—they need to get on the path to literacy success right away. To help educators jump-start their growth, we’ve curated a handful of different articles, downloadables, videos, stories, and other free resources to share with others in your school. Take a look! (Looking for more resources? Be sure to check out these resources for building a community of readers.)

Articles, downloadables, and links

How-to guides and resources for educators

Get the most out of every minute of reading

Motivate students to read every day

Strategies to support struggling readers

Find the right reads for students

Engage parents and families

Support nonfiction reading

Fun and helpful resources to print for students

For more articles and downloadables, head over to

Videos and webinars

Assessment, RTI, and MTSS

Reading practice and reading growth

Stories to inspire

Personalized reading programs

Looking for the perfect reading solution to support struggling readers? Look no further.

Assessments for screening and monitoring students

Quickly identify struggling readers, track their growth, and chart a path to reading success.

Know someone who would enjoy these resources? Share this page with them. In the meantime, be sure to explore our Education Leader’s Guide to Reading Growth and other resources to help struggling readers.

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