How Renaissance Flow 360 helps create a continuous feedback loop

Teaching is difficult. It’s difficult to pinpoint how students are doing, and it’s even more difficult to recognize which students need additional guidance. Yet perhaps the most difficult aspect of the job is ensuring that you give each student the individual attention and support he or she needs to succeed, as well as challenging other students.

Wouldn’t it be nice if that was easier? Renaissance Flow 360® provides continuous feedback on how your students are performing and growing in a unified measure of mastery. Just one report provides a 360-degree view of your students’ assessment scores, practice results, and skill checks.

It begins with knowing the best starting point for every one of your students. To get there, each student takes a Renaissance Star Assessment®, giving you a glimpse into where each student stands on state-specific learning paths. This also provides unique, individual baselines for each student and gives you the data to develop personalized lesson plans.

Renaissance Flow 360 is incredibly powerful. Why? The technology, aligning skills from the state standards, suggests the set of skills students are ready to learn next. Applying a standard measure of growth from the previous assessment, Renaissance Flow 360 also continues to move students forward, providing the next set of practice activities and skills.

Every time your students take an assessment, you’re able to see where they are, how much they have grown, and whether or not they’re on track to meet their goals. Typically, assessing students three or four times a year is enough to give you an accurate view of how students will do on summative tests, but additional assessments can be useful for monitoring the progress of “on-watch” students.

Take a peek at how the magic happens with this infographic outlining the skill-to-score-to-instructional resource process in Renaissance Flow 360.

Practice, planning, reports

Automating personalized lesson planning

Let’s face it, providing a personalized learning experience for each one of your students can be overwhelming. That’s why Renaissance Flow 360 is a game changer. Not only do you see precisely where each student stands on state-specific learning paths, but the assessment data also points to the exact skills and subskills students are ready to learn next. Renaissance Flow 360 connects you to the right set of instructional resources to help teach those skills.

Renaissance Flow 360’s alignment with the instruction and practice resources from our Renaissance Growth Alliance partners saves countless hours otherwise spent looking for reliable resources to support lesson plans. You have immediate access to a list of appropriate worksheets, assignments, skill checks, and lesson plans at your fingertips for each group and subgroup of students.

The convenience extends to students as well. Students can launch and track all their assignments from one place. Students have only one list of assignments to focus on and complete, and they can see all their work without logging into different applications.

Unifying reports drive personalized learning

As students complete their practice and instruction, data is returned to Renaissance and included in the unified mastery report. The content of all our Growth Alliance partners is mapped to individual skills using a skill-sync process. Because the outcomes data is returned, and we know what skills the activity was supporting, we’re able to provide normalized data in a single report. You no longer need to spend time running reports for every application and figuring out what they mean.

A single mastery model report provides domain, standard, skill, and subskill mastery. Identifying what to reteach is extremely easy, because you can zero in on the precise skills students need additional help mastering.

Having this information in hand when sitting down to create lesson plans allows for precise, data-driven plans. Know when to focus on a certain skill or whether students are ready to move on. The guesswork is gone, and ongoing feedback allows you to adjust practice, instruction, or course correction.

Renaissance Flow 360 Infographic

Keep the cycle of growth all year

You can continue to provide students a personalized learning experience and provide the right level of challenge by going through the lesson planning–instruction and practice–reporting cycle. Every time a student takes a Star Assessment, his or her score is refreshed, giving another accurate alignment to the skills the student is ready to learn next.

As you move through the year and students continue to meet their projected goals, you’ll immediately know when a student is not meeting his or her goals. So there shouldn’t be any surprises when it comes time for your spring summative testing.

Sounds nice, right?

Learn more about how Renaissance Flow 360 works in tandem with our partners and the Renaissance Growth Alliance in an on-demand webinar. Visit our webinars page to access free sessions on Renaissance and Classworks® and Renaissance and Edmentum®.

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