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Renaissance Flow 360®. Renaissance Star 360®. Renaissance Accelerated Reader 360®. Each solution helps bring literacy and math to life, while putting academic skills mastery within reach of every student—regardless of their current skill levels, unique academic challenges, or learning pace. While you might have used one or more of these solutions in your classroom, perhaps you need a refresher. Or perhaps you’re curious to learn more about Star 360 after using Accelerated Reader 360. Or you might even have someone in mind who would benefit from learning more about one of our assessment or practice solutions. Whatever the case might be, we’re offering short webinars on these solutions to give you greater insight into each one. Each is roughly 45 minutes and gives a brief overview. Read on to see what you’ll discover:

Introduction to Renaissance Flow 360

Research shows that personalized learning has the potential to increase student engagement and improve outcomes. Yet personalization can be difficult in a classroom of 25-plus students. Educators already spend 6–8 hours per week collecting data, planning lessons, and finding resources to support instruction.

But what if there were a solution that seamlessly bridged assessment and practice data with instructional resources, so you were confident each student received the right content at the right level?

See how Renaissance Flow 360 provides this insight so you can personalize learning for each student. You’ll discover how Renaissance Flow 360 will help you:

  • Assess students with accuracy—in both English and Spanish

  • Assign standards-aligned practice and resources, all from one place

  • Leverage the power of industry-leading instructional providers

  • View student mastery with data from multiple sources

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Introduction to Star 360

As an educator, you want to empower students with knowledge and skills for success. Learning data is key to helping students maximize their talents and abilities so they’re prepared for college, career, and life.

In this session, you’ll see how Star 360 assessments provide the data you need to support student success. You’ll also discover how Star 360 helps you:

  • Accurately benchmark student performance

  • Target the precise skills students are ready to learn

  • Choose the right resources to support instruction

  • Monitor student progress and forecast performance on your state test

Plus, you’ll see how Star 360 assessments in both Spanish and English help you ensure English Learners build a strong foundation for future success.

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Introduction to Accelerated Reader 360

Reading practice plays an important role in preparing students for college and career success. But not all reading practice is created equal. Research shows effective practice requires deep engagement, active ownership of learning, and the right level of challenge.

See how Accelerated Reader 360 will support this “perfect practice” for each of your students, from struggling readers to those performing far above grade level.

You’ll also discover how Accelerated Reader 360 will help you:

  • Set the right goals to maximize students’ reading growth

  • Boost motivation by giving students greater control over their learning

  • Guide students to engaging books and articles at just the right level—both fiction and nonfiction

  • Easily track students’ progress toward goals, skill development, and reading mastery

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Know someone who would benefit from these sessions? Tag them in the comments below. And while you’re at it, let us know if you plan on watching one of the on-demand webinars!

Check out the rest of our webinars on assessment, reading, mathematics, personalized instruction, and professional learning—and view them when it’s convenient for you.


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    Our teachers have heard of AR 360 and have struggled figuring it out on their own. I hope this webinar will help us understand the best way to use it!

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    I would be very interested in learning more about the benchmarking of student progress more accurately.

  4. Andrea says:

    Great idea making on-demand videos we can watch at our own convenience! Our new teachers would benefit from these as well. Taylor and Rachel.

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    I agree!! Practice, interest and active ownership of goals and comprehension is key!

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    Good information

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    I appreciate the products that what Renaissance Learning offers.

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    I along with numerous other staff have watched several of the 360 flow videos. We are all a excited and a bit nervous too. Change is hard, but we hear good stuff is coming.

  9. Laura says:

    This is really interesting.

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    It is really helpful to see an archive of the webinars and have continued access to them! I will revisit the Renaissance Flow 360 to review best practices.

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    I am loving all of the outreach!

  12. I enjoyed this discussion. It helped me to understand how to set goals more efficiently.

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    I would be very interested in learning about the benchmarking of student progress more accurately.

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    I would live to learn more about Renaissance 360. We have the older version of Renaissance at my school.

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    Love the in demand videos! Great idea and I can’t just pick one because all look awesome.

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    My students have become voracious readers with the help of AR. Conferencing and setting reading goals has become more meaningful and productive. The kids understand that they are in charge of their reading growth.