Success Story: Colorado K–6 charter school consistently performs above district average

It was 1917 when students first walked through the doors of a little red brick schoolhouse in Lamar, Colorado. Today, that same structure welcomes a fifth generation of students to the Alta Vista Charter School, a K–6 elementary school with its own enduring history of solid performance. Talara Coen has been the Alta Vista administrator and principal since 2000, just two years after it became a charter school. “Every year our students consistently perform above the district average, helping the school routinely achieve a performance rating on the Colorado Department of Education (DOE) School Performance Framework. Most recently, on the state-mandated PARCC testing, where a 50th percentile ranking indicates achievement of learning goals, our students placed in the 82nd percentile ranking in reading and the 88th in math.”

The challenge: support rigorous charter school curriculum and accountability requirements

As a Core Knowledge school, Alta Vista follows a curriculum devised to ensure students develop a common foundation of knowledge in language, math, social studies, and science. A scaffolding framework helps educators encourage students to develop increasingly advanced skills.

In designing the Alta Vista Charter School curriculum, the school’s advisory board visited charter schools throughout the state, evaluating instruction programs and their supporting technology. As Coen explains, “The board found that many of the most successful schools were using Renaissance Star Reading® and Renaissance Star Math®, along with Renaissance Accelerated Reader® and Renaissance Accelerated Math®. Based on those findings, the team selected Renaissance, making the solutions available to our teachers and some 60 students who enrolled that inaugural year.”

The results: individualized learning and consistently high achievement

Independent learning that drives math success

The data in Renaissance Star Assessments® helps Alta Vista educators set learning goals, guide growth via specific learning progressions, and assign students to instruction and intervention groups. Coen emphasizes the importance of a strong program manager (Sinka has administered the Renaissance solutions since 1998), teacher buy-in, and parental involvement. “Parents serve at least four hours monthly, contributing to advisory boards and curriculum planning, or to fundraising, custodial work, and classroom activities. Every morning, parents read Accelerated Math problems to first- and second-grade students assigned to groups based on ability. While one group stays with the teacher for classroom instruction, another heads to the library, working on math packets individually or with our parent volunteers.”

Accelerated Math lets each student practice independently and at the appropriate level. Coen reports reliable growth across the entire student population, noting that nearly every student achieves one year’s growth in one year’s time, with many getting a head start on the next year’s objectives. She also believes this solid math foundation serves students well in middle school. “Last year, more than half of our graduating sixth-grade students were placed in advanced math classes.”

Reading excellence—and more

Coen describes similar success with Accelerated Reader. “Just this morning, one of our first grade-students—who happens to be missing his two front teeth—rushed over to tell me that he was already at ‘thwee hundwed pethent!’ And he’s not alone. Still early in the school year, six students have already achieved 300 percent of their Accelerated Reader goals. In fact, during the last quarter of the 2016–2017 school year, 95 percent of the school’s students met their Accelerated Reader goals in support of a previous student diagnosed with cancer.

“We’re blessed to have an optimistic, dedicated staff and a curriculum that challenges and encourages student achievement. Students develop a real enthusiasm for learning and typically perform strongly on benchmark testing. Last year by the end of the school term, for example, 88 percent of the entire school (112 out of 127 students) met their DIBELS growth goals. On another popular nationally normed test that we typically administer annually, Alta Vista students generally rank 20 or more points above the norm.”

A two-decade track record of charter school success

Currently, some 130 students attend the Alta Vista Charter School. New students are admitted on a first-come, first-served basis, and the school maintains a five-year waiting list for its kindergarten class. Coen states, “Parents see in Alta Vista an environment that can help struggling learners and, at the other end of the learning spectrum, provide sufficient academic challenge to gifted students. Renaissance is part of our tradition, providing vital solutions that help educators individualize instruction to meet the needs of every student, at every level, so each one develops essential core skills and continues to grow.”

Coen concludes, “For two decades, we’ve relied on Renaissance to support our teachers, ensure curriculum flexibility, and meet the diverse learning needs of K–6 students. We’ve occasionally tested other applications and always stay abreast of education technology. But we stand by the decision we made years ago—Renaissance still provides the best-fit assessment and practice programs for Alta Vista.”

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  1. Jody Steinhaus says:

    Interesting story about the success of this Charter school.

    • Thonisha Davis says:

      Students are able to get individualized work at their own pace. Students are excited about reading.

  2. Mr. Sanchez says:

    Students are encouraged to read in a daily basis but sometimes kids don’t see the point. When my school was introduced to the AR program, students immediately started to read and test on their book. Students were able to see how many points they were getting and the amount of words they had read. With that simple visualization, students were able to see the amount of words they had read and were motivated to read more. Comprehension growth is the goal, so having this program address this its just the cherry on top.

  3. Lisa Capon says:

    Great article about their success

  4. Laura says:

    Oh, to have the motivated students that choose to attend Charter schools not the students who are here because they are made to be here.

  5. K. Nash says:

    It provides an opportunity to let students track their own progress throuhgout the year.

  6. K. Nash says:

    Seeing their scale score and GE, they can easily see progress made each time they test.

  7. Virginia Travis says:

    Kids in my room love to take AR tests and they are so excited about reading because of the Renaisance program.

  8. Trinette Frazier says:

    My students are now in fierce competition for the most words read.

  9. Antommeshir Jackson says:

    I’m surprised this charter school was so successful. We do not see the same results at charter schools in Mississippi.

  10. Laura Quiroz says:

    Renaissance is a great tool to improve reading scores. congrats to these charter schools.

  11. Cathy Kelley says:

    Congratulations to the Charter school!

  12. Katie Wiltz says:

    Renaissance Learning has improved my students’ reading ability and comprehension skills. I have been using this programs for 16 years. My class, every year, has celebrated some type of success.

  13. Chandra Barton says:

    I am thinking very strongly about starting a charter school in my state. So it was very refreshing to read about the success of this charter school in Colorado.

  14. Mary says:

    My students are excited to see how much their flower is filled up after they take a reading practice test. Sometimes I think that is their motivation!

  15. RENEE P GRAHAM says:

    Nice story!

  16. Jason says:

    Good to see individualized learning in action.

  17. Julie Johnson says:

    Interesting read!

  18. Melissa Berry says:

    It has increased my test scores dramatically!

  19. Janet Mullins says:

    Since I have used this program with my first graders, the amount of growth is phenomenal. They really like reading library books and watching their own progress. I have no problem with the “what do I do now” question as the students always know to grab a book and read.

  20. What an interesting read! I wonder about the selection process of this carter school.

  21. Rachel Bienvenue says:

    Great read!

  22. Terri Benavides says:

    We love being able to know exactly what level a student will be successful at. Once students gain confidence in their reading ability they just seem to blossom. They fly through more challenging materials in such a short time, it really is fun to watch that light bulb come on, knowing you’ve guided them. Our top readers are wonderful role models that book talk for us without even being asked. Everyone feels successful, everyday.