More insight, more time, more student growth: introducing Renaissance Flow 360

By Anu Jokinen, Math Enthusiast

Research has shown that differentiated instruction and personalized practice leads to two important things in the classroom—increased student engagement and improved student outcomes. It can also reinvigorate the teaching experience—allowing teachers to connect with students and create memorable learning experiences in the classroom based on insights into what students are ready to learn.

As an educator, you know that, while research is important, what research says and what you have time for are often two different things. Differentiated instruction and personalized practice often come with a hefty price tag of time—time that is already hard to come by in your busy days. Our research shows that educators spend up to six to eight hours a week collecting and manipulating data, creating lesson plans, and searching for the right instructional resources to personalize learning for every student.

Six to eight hours a week. Let that sink in for a minute. That’s 416 hours each year and roughly 17 days spent strictly on tedious and time-consuming tasks related to assessment, planning, instruction, and practice. Think about what you could do with that extra time during the school year. Spend 17 extra days teaching your students? Have the brain space to brainstorm new activities? Maybe get some extra sleep and be even more ready to face the day?

What if educators could spend more time with their students, getting to do what they do best—teach—instead of the all the administrative tasks associated with it? And what if administrators could have a complete view, at their fingertips, of school- and district-level performance?

Instead of continuing to ask those questions, Renaissance wanted to answer them—and with those answers create a solution that would truly help teachers and administrators. To that end, we’re excited to announce that, after a successful year-long early-adopter initiative with over a dozen districts, Renaissance Flow 360® has made its way into the world with a launch at this week’s International Society for Technology in Education—better known as ISTE.

The lowdown on Renaissance Flow 360

You might be asking, “Why Renaissance Flow 360?” According to positive psychology founder Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, flow is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is “fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity.”

Renaissance Flow 360 lets you fully immerse yourself in all parts of the teaching process by seamlessly connecting assessment, planning, instruction, and practice in one place, allowing educators to drive and monitor growth for every student in their classroom, school, and district. Fundamental to the program is the Renaissance Growth Alliance, a collaboration that brings together best-in-class instruction with Renaissance’s assessment and learning analytics to facilitate a seamless personalized learning journey for all students. The integrated solutions span assessment, planning, instruction, and practice with an ecosystem of partners, focused on teachers.

The beauty of Renaissance Flow 360 is in its unification. It automatically tracks key data from assessments and practice and converts that data into a unified measure of mastery. At any given moment, you can obtain deep insight into student mastery—easily organized by domain, standard, skill, or subskill—so you can focus instruction. This robust Mastery Dashboard is available at the classroom, school, and district levels—making it possible for teachers to decide which students need additional instruction or practice and giving administrators a clear picture of achievement and growth across the district.

The program also allows you to assess with accuracy in both English and Spanish using reliable and valid Star Assessments, plan with precision by automatically knowing what skills your students are ready to learn next on your state-specific learning progression so you can give them exactly what they need when they need it, and instruct with insight by instantly accessing content at the right level of challenge for each of your students, all in one place. This includes best-in-class instructional resources through our Renaissance Growth Alliance partnerships. And Renaissance Flow 360 makes it easy to connect your students with personalized reading and math practice that motivates them.

Receiving recognition

Earlier this month, Renaissance Flow 360 was recognized as a CODiE Award finalist in two categories (Best Cross-Curricular Solution and Best Learning Relationship Management Solution). We received great feedback from our judges, confirming that Renaissance Flow 360 will help educators save time and personalize learning for their students:

“As a new entrant into the standards-based mastery software, this program has a lot of pluses, especially for schools/districts that are utilizing Renaissance Star 360. In addition, I found this product easier to use than the standards-based mastery software my district is currently using.”

“Renaissance Flow 360 is a wonderful option for districts that are using Renaissance Star Reading® or Renaissance Star Math®. It uses the results and recommends activities that address learning deficits. Students are able to log in to their accounts and easily complete the assignments.”

Built for educators like you

Throughout Renaissance Flow 360’s development, we’ve had one person in mind—you. We’ve always strived to give you the tools you need to maximize student growth and create meaningful connections with your students. We’re thrilled to continue doing so—and be sure to bookmark our blog to keep up on the latest news related to Renaissance Flow 360, particularly for more information we’ll be revealing about Renaissance Growth Alliance partners in the coming weeks and months!

Curious to learn more? See how Renaissance Flow 360 can help you create and nurture student growth.

Anu Jokinen, Math Enthusiast
Anu Jokinen, Math Enthusiast
Anu has always been passionate about helping students reach their potential in math—first as an Algebra I tutor for peers during high school and then later as the Director of Education at Sylvan Learning Center. In addition to her work at Renaissance, she has worked with nonprofit organizations to improve the learning environments of students in need.

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