A preview of ISTE 2017

By Ken Stoflet, Communications Specialist

We’re packing our bags for San Antonio, Texas

From June 25 to June 28, thousands of passionate educators and administrators will gather in San Antonio, Texas, for the 2017 International Society for Technology in Education Conference and Expo to discuss the future of education and the expanding role of technology in the classroom. (You might remember our blog post highlighting key takeaways from last year’s conference.)

During the event, a few of us from Renaissance will be presenting. (Visit us at booth #1018!) Check out the descriptions below and make sure to stop by if you’re attending the conference.

Start Here, Grow Anywhere: How to use assessment tools to personalize learning

Kristen Biadasz, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Renaissance

Accessing and interpreting data shouldn’t be difficult. Renaissance Star 360® data is displayed on powerful, intuitive dashboards making it easy to identify and track student’s achievement and growth. Renaissance Star 360 also identifies skills students are ready to work on and provides educators with almost 60,000 instructional resources to guide and differentiate instruction. Reliable data at your fingertips to help you make educational decisions confidently to move students forward.

Grow forward with learning analytics in reading and math

Lisa Lysne, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Renaissance

Looking for a way to incorporate technology in a meaningful way? Use technology for what it does best— serve as a powerful learning analytics tool to provide practice at the right level. Renaissance reading and math solutions are built on a proven learning progression. A short assessment places them on the learning progression enabling educators to facilitate reading and math practice at the right levels leading to engagement, confidence, and growth.

Technology’s true role in personalized learning: Put teachers first

Gene Kerns, Vice President, Chief Academic Officer, Renaissance

Technology can certainly get you where you’re going faster, but are you headed in the right direction? Investing in technology to personalize learning can feel like rushing to a connector flight, only to arrive on time at the wrong gate. Yes, technology is required for your initiatives to scale, but what are the true roles of technology in K12 personalized learning? When does technology go too far in the classroom? Join us and discover how to incorporate meaningful technology, and learn the powerful role of learning analytics in giving teachers the right data insights at precisely the right time.

The Power of Connected Data: Taking growth from stagnant to stellar

Anu Jokinen, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Renaissance

What if you could assess students’ ability, assign the right resources and practice, deliver skill checks, and monitor results all from one powerful program? You can now—the latest innovation from Renaissance helps you personalize learning and maximize growth for all students. Learn how your district can get a steady stream of insights and resources to help guide your students to new heights.

Highlights to follow

Stay tuned. In the coming weeks, we’ll highlight some of the big takeaways from this year’s conference.

Are you planning to attend ISTE this year? What are you hoping to see covered? Let us know in the comments! And be sure to like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter at @RenLearnUS, where we’ll be tweeting and covering the conference throughout the week.

For even more information on what we have planned for ISTE this year, explore our page dedicated to all things ISTE.

Ken Stoflet, Communications Specialist
Ken Stoflet, Communications Specialist
Ken Stoflet is the communications specialist at Renaissance. He has been with the company since 2015 and can be found crafting anything from a press release to a tweet. In his spare time, Ken enjoys spending time with his friends, lifting, and making trips to the Frozen Tundra to cheer on the Green Bay Packers.


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    Good read!

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    Oh, how I wish I could come!

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    I am not able to go this year, but would love to make plans for next year. Do you know the dates and location?

  4. Lloyd Goldberg says:

    The dashboard and data is extremely helpful, especially when the kidsfully understand and are involved with their own data tracking and collecting.

  5. Alecia Walkuski says:

    While I can’t attend this year, I would enjoy attending a session on using technology to personalize learning.

  6. Sheila Gerrish says:

    Sounds great. Wish I could attend and participate.

    • Ken Stoflet, Communications Specialist Ken Stoflet, Marketing Communications Specialist says:

      Hi, Sheila! If you like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter at @RenLearnUS, we’ll be tweeting and covering the conference throughout the week for those unable to attend!

  7. Andea says:

    Data tracking is easy with Renaissance, and the students understand it.

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    I won’t be able to go this year. What are the dates and the location of next year’s ISTE?

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    Some day I’ll get to ISTE… but not any day soon.

  10. Susan Norman says:

    It was the ALA in Chicago or ISTE in San Antonio. As a school librarian I couldn’t pass up the ALA especially since Hillary Clinton would be speaking.

  11. Fatima Peters says:

    Sounds great, wish I could attend!!!!

  12. Carly says:

    I’ve only been able to attend ISTE once when it was in D.C. I had a wonderful time and learned so much. I can’t attend this year, but look forward to another time.

  13. Jody Steinhaus says:

    Sounds exciting. I’ll be waiting to hear how it went.

  14. Karen p says:

    I am not able to attend this year as it is far away hopefully someday.

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    I will not be able to come, but​ I really like the Renaissance products.

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    Wish I could go!! Perhaps next summer in Chicago.

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    Once again at home during ISTE but will try to follow via twitter and other online demonstrations.

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    Unfortunately, I will not be attending this year. Hopefully I’ll get to go in the future.

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    I will not be attending, but I wish I were!!!

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    Sounds very good that ISTE will be in Chicago in 2018. Looks like I will be gearing up, and would love to share Renaissance solutions with other teachers!

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    So wish I could attend! Sounds like a perfect environment to grow and improve. Have fun!!

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    Not attending this year :-(. Those look like great sessions!

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    I’m not able to attend this year but it would be great to go since technology is one of the things that I struggle to implement while teaching in the classroom.

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    Wish I could attend, not this year 🙁 Will follow virtually!

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    This looks exciting! Can’t attend this year, but maybe something closer next year! Hope some stuff will be shared online!

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    I would love for our principal to sent me to this!

  32. Roxane says:

    I wish I could attend. Do you publish each talk online?

    • Ken Stoflet, Communications Specialist Ken Stoflet, Marketing Communications Specialist says:

      Hi, Roxane! We do not, but we’ll be posting and tweeting during each presentation. Be sure to follow along on social media!

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    Too bad I can’t attend this year!

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    It would be great to see this become a webinar!

    • Ken Stoflet, Communications Specialist Ken Stoflet, Marketing Communications Specialist says:

      That is a great suggestion, Sarina. We’ll keep this in mind!