What is the difference between Accelerated Reader and Accelerated Reader 360?

What is Renaissance Accelerated Reader?

Proven, personalized reading practice

Accelerated Reader has stood the test of time, providing reading practice to millions of students for over 30 years. Invented by an educator to motivate her son to embrace reading, it quickly spread to nearby schools. Now in more than 30,000 schools, and one of the most heavily researched education programs available, Accelerated Reader remains an invaluable tool for creating a culture of reading.

How does it work?

1) You collaborate with students to set three personalized reading practice goals based on their independent reading level.

2) Students select from over 180,000 books with comprehension quizzes, within their personal reading range, and read independently.

3) Students take short, computerized comprehension quizzes.

4) You and your students monitor progress toward goals.

What is Renaissance Accelerated Reader 360?

Reading practice for today’s standards

Accelerated Reader 360 is the premium version of Accelerated Reader. It builds on the personalized, book reading experience by adding a collection of nonfiction articles with embedded skills practice. By engaging students in authentic books and articles, they develop the critical close reading skills necessary for success in college, the workplace, and in life.

How does it work?

1) Students continue to read books independently as described above—and they can now choose from over 2,000 nonfiction articles carefully curated to pique their interests.

2) You search for leveled nonfiction articles by topic or skill so you’re sure to find something that aligns to your instructional goals and it’s digitally delivered to students.

3) Students read the article and complete the built-in close reading activities requiring them to highlight and tag key passages, use that text evidence in a written response, and take a short comprehension quiz.

4) You and your students monitor progress toward goals to inform practice and instruction.

Curious to learn more? See how Accelerated Reader 360 can help you meet your reading growth goals.

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