Reading – Renaissance-U Course

Independent Reading Practice Course Suite

Welcome to Accelerated Reader

  • Tutorial: Why Accelerated Reader?
  • Tutorial: A Look inside an Accelerated Reader classroom
  • Tutorial: A tool for meeting rigorous standards
  • Activity: Implementation checklist – overview (PDF)

Getting Ready for Reading Practice

  • Tutorial: How do I prepare?
  • Tutorial: Schedule daily reading practice
  • Share & Discuss: Scheduling reading practice
  • Tutorial: Label books
  • Tutorial: Understand how quizzes work
  • Activity: Teach emergent readers to take Accelerated Reader Quizzes
  • Tutorial: A tool for immediate feedback
  • Activity: Implementation checklist – Part 1 (PDF)
  • Activity: How to print book labels
  • Activity: How to print book labels with vocabulary lists
  • Activity: Identify student user names and passwords
  • Activity: Take a sample reading practice quiz
  • Activity: Understand the Accelerated Reader primary experience
  • Activity: View reading practice quiz data with the Record Book
  • Activity: Edit TWI settings
  • Activity: Set the recorded voice preference
  • Activity: Set the preference for printing a TOPS report
  • Activity: Prepare mobile devices for Accelerated Reader quizzes
  • Activity: Log in to Accelerated Reader
  • Activity: Take an Accelerated Reader quiz
  • Activity: View bookshelf and scores on quizzes
  • Activity: View progress on quizzes

First steps for differentiation

  • Tutorial: What is the best level of difficulty for reading practice?
  • Activity: Practice adjusting ZPDs?
  • Tutorial: Use reading logs to monitor the zone
  • Activity: Practice monitoring reading logs
  • Activity: Implementation checklist – Part 2 (PDF)
  • Activity: How to find an initial SPD (PDF)
  • Activity: How to print reading logs from the software resources

Connect students with the right books

  • Tutorial: Using ATOS to gauge text difficulty
  • Tutorial: Using interest level to determine age-appropriateness
  • Tutorial: Use points to estimate length
  • Activity: Practice matching students and books
  • Activity: Explore Renaissance Accelerated Reader BookFinder™ (PDF)
  • Activity: Implementation checklist – part 3

Accelerate Growth with Individualized Goals

  • Tutorial: Why set goals?
  • Tutorial: Set an average-percent-correct goal
  • Tutorial: Set a point goal
  • Activity: Practice setting point goals
  • Tutorial: Set a book-level goal
  • Tutorial: How are goals for emergent readers different?
  • Activity: Implementation checklist
  • Activity: Edit reading practice goals page

Use data to monitor progress

  • Tutorial: Check in with students daily
  • Activity: Practice daily monitoring
  • Activity: Identify and diagnose problems
  • Activity: Understand the diagnostic report
  • Activity: Practice diagnosing problems
  • Activity: Analyze your own data (PDF)
  • Activity: Implementation checklist – Part 5 (PDF)

Still have questions about reading practice?

  • Activity: Frequently asked questions (PDF)
  • Activity: Working with a Renaissance Coach? (PDF)
  • Instructional Reading Course Suite


Instructional Reading Course Suite

Checking comprehension of nonfiction

  • Tutorial: Using the article collection with Accelerated Reader quizzes
  • Activity: Managing student groups (PDF)
  • Tutorial: Monitoring comprehension with the diagnostic report
  • Tutorial: Interpreting quiz data on the student record report
  • Activity: Analyze your own data (PDF)
  • Activity: Searching for articles
  • Activity: Creating your own student groups
  • Activity: Setting your group’s grade level
  • Activity: Previewing an article
  • Activity: Adding articles and assignments to a group
  • Activity: Viewing the results of students’ article quizzes in Accelerated Reader’s record book
  • Activity: Monitoring article quiz data with Accelerated Reader reports
  • Activity: How students read articles and assignments
  • Activity: How students take quizzes on articles
  • Tutorial: Managing Student Groups (PDF)

Targeting nonfiction reading skills

  • Tutorial: Skills practice with nonfiction articles
  • Tutorial: Citing evidence from text: Why and how
  • Activity: Practice citing evidence from text
  • Tutorial: Preparing students for close reading
  • Tutorial: Scaffolding comprehension of informational text
  • Tutorial: Using read-aloud activities in grades K-2
  • Activity: Previewing an assignment
  • Activity: Creating student groups
  • Activity: Assigning built-in skills practice activities to your students
  • Activity: Adding articles and assignments to a group
  • Activity: Viewing students’ responses to assignments
  • Activity: Searching the web for articles or books
  • Activity: How to open the student view to model skills
  • Activity: Adding comments and questions to articles for discussion
  • Activity: Using K-2 read aloud assignments in Accelerated Reader 360
  • Activity: How students complete assignment activities
  • Activity: Accelerated Reader 360 iOS app: How student view dictionary definitions
  • Activity: Accelerated Reader 360 iOS app: How to use text to speech

Still have questions about instructional reading?

  • Activity: Frequently asked questions (PDF)
  • Activity: Working with a Renaissance Coach? (PDF)


Reading data course suite

Welcome to the Reading Dashboard

  • Tutorial: Welcome to the Reading Dashboard

Star Growth and Achievement Data

  • Tutorial: The basics of the school-year view
  • Tutorial: The basics of the all-time view
  • Activity: Practice viewing growth and achievement data
  • Tutorial: Interpreting growth and achievement data
  • Activity: Interpret growth and achievement data (PDF)
  • Activity: Choose the class, students, and time period
  • Activity: View growth and achievement data
  • Activity: Learn more about SGP

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