Accelerated Teaching – Renaissance-U Course

Accelerated Teaching: English Language Learners

Understanding English language learners

  • Activity: English Learners in the English-speaking classroom
  • Activity: What would you recommend for these English Learners?
  • Activity: English Learner questionnaire (PDF)
  • Activity: Understanding English language proficiency
  • Activity: Common questions about English Learners
  • Activity: Using data to determine the type of student support

Using Renaissance® products to support English Learners

  • Tutorial: Why assess ELLs in English and their native language?
  • Activity: Administering Renaissance Star Spanish® assessments
  • Activity: Adding and using student characteristics for ELLs (PDF)


Accelerated Teaching: Math

Facilitating Mathematical Discourse

  • Tutorial: Why is mathematical discourse important?
  • Activity: Teach students to make their thinking visible (PDF)
  • Activity: Teach students to identify key aspects of written work
  • Activity: Practice mathematical discourse with students
  • Teacher Talk: Facilitating peer-to-peer discourse using rich math problems
  • Share & Discuss: How have you helped your students engage in productive peer-to-peer discourse?

Accelerated Teaching: Reading

Close Reading

  • Tutorial: What is close reading?
  • Activity: Practice identifying strong text-dependent questions?
  • Tutorial: Crafting a close reading lesson
  • Tutorial: Helping struggling readers access grade-level text
  • Activity: Practice planning a close reading lesson
  • Activity: Plan your own close reading lesson (PDF)
  • Tutorial: Teaching students to annotate text

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