Renaissance Report Updates


Last updated: June 23, 2017



  • If you have questions regarding reports, please contact Customer Support. Links to chat, email or call are at bottom of page. They are more than willing to assist you throughout the year with your questions.


Watch this video to get ready for upcoming school year!


Great news…reports are improving! Over the summer, we are working hard to provide new and enhanced reporting capabilities for Star360, AR360, and Renaissance Flow customers. When you come back to school, you’ll notice a more modern look, faster access, and new features available in your favorite old reports. Other enhancements include:

  • Updated, interactive controls: customize reports more quickly and easily
  • Expanded reporting capabilities: access new reports across all Renaissance products
  • Increased consistency across reports: use the same simple steps to access and create all available reports
  • Improved Performance: view data immediately without waiting for a PDF to load
  • Streamlined Navigation: find all of your data in one central place

As we make these important updates, you may notice some small changes in the reports you use between now and back to school as well as a few low-use reports that will no longer be available. Our goal in making this move is to continue providing you with the same great reports you know and love today, while offering some additional data insights and capabilities you’ve wanted.


For more detailed product support:

For more detailed product support: