Accelerated Reader Updates


Last updated: March 2017


What's new?

Teacher view

Student view

Edit Quiz Records. The ability for a teacher to adjust the overall score of an Accelerated Reader 360 Reading Practice or Other Reading quiz


Create-Teacher Made Reading Practice Quizzes. Teacher-Made Quizzes will be easier to create than ever with a new Microsoft Word template. This means you can use spell check, work on the template offline, and quickly share quizzes with other schools on your Renaissance Place® site.


Accelerated Reader Bookfinder. New look coming soon.

New report views. Reading Trends and Quiz Takers Reports visualize data and are available in the New Reports tile on the RP login page so you can see “What Kids Are Reading” in your school or classroom.


Streamlined quiz content management. Accelerated Reader 360 administrators can take sample quizzes, review vocabulary words for books, and control what content is available to students from a single location. Use the new classroom level quiz setup preference to customize by grade what book ideas and quizzes students can see based on interest level.


More great content. Over 8,500 new quizzes have been added since the start of the 2015-16 school year.

Improved student book discovery makes it easier than ever for students to find the next great book and makes it clear which quizzes they have already taken.


Based on your implementation of Accelerated Reader, you may want to know about some additional changes. If you can answer “Yes” to any of these questions, please select the question to learn more.


Are you or your students using the Accelerated Reader iOS app or taking quizzes on NEO 2s?

New - The Accelerated Reader iOS app and Accelerated Reader quizzing on NEO 2s will be retired. Users can find the latest features and enhancements by accessing Accelerated Reader via a web browser on a device 7” or larger. The iOS apps will not be supported after July 2017. In addition, students will no longer be able to take AR quizzes on the NEO 2 device. For more information about the technical requirements for the applications, please consult this page to see what is recommended.

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For more detailed product support: