Accelerated Reader 360 Updates


Last updated: March 2017


What's new?

Teacher view

Student view

Edit Quiz Records. The ability for a teacher to adjust the overall score of an Accelerated Reader Reading Practice or Other Reading quiz


Simplified Student Experience. A new article assignment experience that allows students to see questions and the article on a single page. They will no longer need to toggle between pages!


Easier Assignment Management. Improved ease of use when teachers are discovering, planning and managing Accelerated Reader 360 skills practice article assignments.


Create and share custom assignments. The ability to create custom skills practice assignments that you and your fellow teachers can easily discover by topic or skills.


Preview assignments through a student's lens. See what students see and use it to model assignments with a group or class. Try it with our special K-2 Read Aloud assignments built just for teacher-led modeling.


Create Teacher Made Reading Practice Quizzes. Teacher Made Quizzes will be easier to create than ever with a new Microsoft Word template. This means you can use spell check, work on the template offline, and quickly share quizzes with other schools on your Renaissance Place® site.


Accelerated Reader Bookfinder. New look.

Differentiate close reading practice. Create groups and find AR 360 skill assignments appropriate for each group based on Star scores.


Track student work status. See at a glance who has started assignments and what work is ready to be graded.


See mastery. The Mastery Dashboard view showcases what skills students have mastered.


Grade with greater ease. Calculate an overall assignment grade that includes the highlighting and tagging activity, show you know writing prompts, and article quiz.


Report views. Reading Trends and Quiz Takers Reports visualize data and are available in the New Reports tile on the RP login page so you can see “What Kids Are Reading” in your school or classroom.


View Assignments. The student assignment list allows students to see Accelerated Reader 360 assignments (or any Renaissance program) immediately upon login of Renaissance Place so they can quickly get to work.


Based on your implementation of Accelerated Reader 360, you may want to know about some additional changes. If you can answer “Yes” to any of these questions, please select the question to learn more.

Are you or your students using the AR 360 iOS app or taking quizzes on NEO 2s?

New - The Accelerated Reader 360 iOS app and Accelerated Reader 360 quizzing on NEO 2s will be retired. Users can find the latest features and enhancements by accessing Accelerated Reader 360 via a web browser on a device 7” or larger. The iOS apps will not be supported after July 2017. In addition, students will no longer be able to take Accelerated Reader 360 quizzes on the NEO 2 device. For more information about the technical requirements for the applications, please consult this page to see what is recommended.

Are you or your students currently reading eBooks with AR 360?

Any books that were read or loaded into Accelerated Reader 360 or the Accelerated Reader 360 iOS app, will no longer be available to users. There are many e-readers available that support the same free e-books that Accelerated Reader 360 supported, check out

Have you or your students captured notes and or/shared notes with a group?

Highlights, notes or discussion prompts that teachers or students have added to any books, articles, or as part of an assignment will be retired. We encourage you to review any notes that you may want to save and capture them offline before December 27, 2016.

Do you create assignments using templates for articles you found on the web?

You can continue to discover, save and share articles that you have found on the web with your students. AR 360 has a new way for teachers to manage AR 360 article assignments. As part of this new capability, we had to change the way that assignments are created. We are focusing next on a new and improved way for you to create and customize assignments. Until this is available, creating assignments with templates and articles you’ve found on the web will temporarily be unavailable. You can create discussions within the article and share them out with your classes and groups. Students can launch the article from the Group Shelf and answer the prompts within the article.

Do you use AR 360 Read Aloud assignments with your students?

Coming soon is a new way for you to lead a whole or small group through an assignment using the same functionality that an individual student sees. This makes it easier than ever to use AR 360 for whole and small group instructional close reading practice. Temporarily, the built in discussion prompts meant to help you facilitate rich discussions with your students are only visible when logged in as a student.

For more detailed product support:

For more detailed product support: