Way to GO!
Congratulations, Students!

You beat last year's record,
For reading the most
We're proud of you all
From coast to coast!

Your total quiz count for Read the Most Coast to Coast, 2014:


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We're so happy you took part in our 3rd annual "Read the Most Coast to Coast" challenge! More than 30,000 educators joined in this nationwide event designed to promote valuable reading practice. We hope you and your students had fun. - Last year's record to beat was 4,409,622.

Prize winners were also announced at www.facebook.com/arforeducators.

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Tens of thousands of educators registered!

More than 31,000 educators registered for their students to take part in our second Read the Most Coast to Coast event in March, 2013. That year, students took 4,409,622 quizzes, shattering the first year's record. On February 28, 2014, students attempted to top last year's record and go one step further to STRIVE for FIVE million quizzes.

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K12 students love being part of a shared national challenge.

Read the Most Coast to Coast gets students excited about engaging in valuable reading practice! In fact, based on students' enthusiasm in prior years, we tried to top the FIVE million mark! What an incredible accomplishment this will be, resulting in celebrations and "high fives" among students and educators across the country.

You can still access a host of online resources, including posters and bookmarks, available by clicking the links at right. If you have registered you will be eligible for prizes in the random drawings held on the big day.

Buttons & Wristbands

You can generate excitement and add to the fun with Read the Most Coast to Coast items to make the big day even more special. See Buttons & Wristbands

You could win a prize just by registering.

We make this event as fun for you as it is for students! Read the Most Coast to Coast is sponsored by many publishers and other partners. All registered educators are automatically entered in random prize drawings held on the big day.

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