Star Custom

Renaissance Star Custom® is a formative assessment tool with dashboards that combine key data from Renaissance’s assessment and practice products to provide a quick, clear view of student performance.

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Multiple choice items

In this multiple choice item, students demonstrate their ability to summarize by choosing the best answer choice. Multiple choice items are automatically scored in the software.


Constructed response items

In this constructed response item, students demonstrate their ability to add numbers in groups of ten, with the help of graphics.



Here, the standard for comprehension is being tested, using a sample passage, with a four-item multiple-choice answer selection presented.


An instant view of mastery

The new Mastery Dashboard views automates the tracking and reporting of student data from a wide variety of sources, including Star Custom, and converts that data into a unified measure of mastery – helping educators make timely and informed decisions about all students’ learning.

The Mastery dashboard allows educators to view students level of mastery at the domain, standard, skill, and subskill level.


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