AR Student App

Integrate AR with your 1:1 or BYOD program.

For most tablets 7" and larger, there is no need to download an app. Students simply open a web browser and navigate to your school's Renaissance Place homepage, log in, and take a quiz!

Students using an iPhone®, iPad®, or iPod touch® also have the option to download the AR Student App*.

* Does not allow quizzing in Accelerated Reader from home.


  • Free download.

    Our free AR Student App** can be downloaded from the App StoreSM or iTunes®.

  • More accessible.

    Free up your computer lab and make quizzing more accessible using iOS devices.

  • VoiceOver technology.

    Version 1.2.3 of the AR Student App utilizes VoiceOver technology built into the iPad®, iPhone®, and iPod touch® enabling students with visual impairments to take AR Quizzes independent of a sighted helper.

  • Gestures.

    Students use swipe right/left gestures, self-directing the OS to locate accessible items and have their label, text content, quiz questions, and answer choices read to them.

**To use the AR app, you'll need Accelerated Reader running on our Renaissance Place hosted platform and to follow a few simple configuration steps.

Need help with your
AR Student App?

Need help with your AR Student App?

AR Student App

Get your AR Student App from the App Store. Click the button below to go to the App Store.

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