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Louisiana's East St. John Elementary bolsters reading success

For 17 years in a row, Elizabeth Thompson and her students at East St. John Elementary School in Louisiana have achieved Model Classroom certification for Accelerated Reader, which focuses on using the program’s best practices to help students reach both personalized and class reading goals.


Gompers’ students first in Detroit to earn MathFacts Certification

School honored for MathFacts in a Flash success

Just two years after opening its doors in 2011 with a math and science focus, Gompers Elementary-Middle School honored two first-grade teachers for becoming the first in Detroit Public Schools to earn Model Certification status in MathFacts in a Flash.

At a ceremony honoring the teachers and students, Math Instructional Specialist Christian Winston said the kids told him they felt special and were visibly excited and proud. It was a step toward helping them tie long-term significance to math.

“They knew they’d done something really great with their hard work, and that builds confidence,” Winston said. “They asked me if they could do it again next year.”

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Texas students in the 'AR zone' track progress and position themselves for success

At IDEA Public Schools in Texas, students really get into a zone with their reading: "The AR zone."

In this blended learning lab—three times weekly for 45 minutes as a language arts supplement—students use hand signals to indicate they’re waiting to quiz on a book, looking for a new book to read, or seeking assistance.

Amidst providing support or praise, two full-time AR Zone facilitators ensure that all students are articulating their goals, tracking their progress, and positioning themselves for success. This requires the facilitators to dive into their data daily, conducting Status of the Class reports, giving immediate feedback to students, prioritizing students by need, and putting interventions in place. It’s a highly personalized learning environment at each child’s level, structured to create independent readers and maximizing reading growth.

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Math scores on the rise at Wisconsin’s Assumption Catholic Schools

Students jump for joy when they hear they will have a math test.

Can you imagine being the teacher in a classroom in which students literally jump for joy when they hear they will have a math test? Yes, this actually happens at Assumption Catholic Schools inWisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin.

Sue Boehm, a fifth-grade math teacher at St. Vincent de Paul School has been using Accelerated Math and MathFacts in a Flash for several years. She notes that students who succeed in completing the most objectives in Accelerated Math and in practicing with MathFacts in a Flash are the most successful.

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Growing expectations at Virginia elementary school

Reading scores soar at Blue Ribbon School

When Jim Scruggs came to Virginia’s L.L. Beazley Elementary as assistant principal in 1998, he was handed the instructional reins with an important task: find out why reading scores were not as high as those at Scruggs’ previous school, and make a push for improvement.

“The basal, curriculum, and teacher training were all the same at both schools,” said Scruggs, who had taught fifth grade at nearby Walton Elementary. “The only difference was that we used Accelerated Reader at Walton and L.L. Beazley did not. Once we implemented AR at L.L. Beazley, it didn’t take long for the reading numbers to climb.”

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Nebraska’s Dudley Elementary School helps students strive toward 21st century learning.

With technology available at every turn at Dudley Elementary School, it only takes one week to test all 500 students on STAR Reading, STAR Early Literacy, and STAR Math.

And you won’t find anyone waiting for a computer to take an Accelerated Reader Quiz or Accelerated Math test because all students have ready access to laptops, desktop computers, iPads®, even iPods®. Teachers are equally connected, constantly checking Renaissance Learning “dashboards” on their laptops or iPads to monitor STAR assessment data and growth.

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Mississippi elementary school makes room to succeed.

When Mississippi’s Jeff Davis Elementary makes room for improvement, they really mean an actual room. The school’s “data room” features wall-to-wall boards by grade, with color-coded magnets visually representing each student’s performance on common term assessments and state tests, as well as Response to Intervention, special education, and speech services. This information is compared with STAR Reading and STAR Math results collected three times per year, and all pieces of data and proven strategies are discussed in vertical alignment meetings each term.

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