Effective Tier 2 & 3 math intervention
for grades 3-12.

Accelerated Math Intervention pinpoints and helps educators fill critical skill gaps through diagnostic assessment, targeted instruction, and differentiated practice. The research-based software tools earned the highest ratings from the National Center on Response to Intervention. Supported by focused Professional Development, educators get actionable data aligned with the goals of RTI.

STAR Math quickly places students in appropriate intervention levels, with Core Progress learning progressions to help bridge assessment and instruction. MathFacts in a Flash ensures math facts fluency by providing frequent, personalized practice. And Accelerated Math provides instructional strategies and resources to help teachers generate assignments, monitor progress, and motivate students to succeed. It's a complete solution for grades K-12 that helps students learn their math facts, gain automatic recall (automaticity), and master foundational math skills critical to ongoing success.

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