Personalize dynamic practice based on
state standards for college and career readiness.

Teachers know what works for students. That's why Accelerated Math (AM) is the most widely used math program in K-12 schools—and has been for years. Now, see how Accelerated Math v.2.0 can support math achievement based on state standards for college and career readiness.

Easily balance math practice for students working on grade-level standards and those who need to catch up on foundational skills.

Math proficiency is critical for students’ college and career readiness, and Accelerated Math helps ensure that proficiency for every student. Accelerated Math’s unique methods have been proven effective in more K12 classrooms than any other math program. A total of 101 independent research studies confirm it.

Now, Accelerated Math helps teachers personalize dynamic math practice based on state standards for college and career readiness, grouping students according to STAR Math interim assessment data. Teachers can easily provide dynamic practice for grade-level state standards for college and career readiness and foundational skills development while monitoring progress toward success on summative exams at a glance using the teacher dashboard.

Take a tour of the new Accelerated Math.

Take a tour of the new Accelerated Math.

Deep standards coverage for students.
Dramatic time savings for teachers.

How does Accelerated Math work so well? Students are automatically placed in instructional groups based on STAR Math data, and the software automatically schedules standards coverage for the entire school year. You can provide practice assignments for each student group at the appropriate level to effectively differentiate instruction and move each student toward deep standards mastery. After completing their assignments, each student receives immediate feedback, and the data is delivered to the math teacher dashboard, so teachers can monitor progress.

Reliable data at a glance.

The progress dashboard built into Accelerated Math delivers insight at a glance. See exactly how each group is progressing toward state standards for college and career readiness mastery, and manage assignments for groups or individuals. Instant reporting lets you monitor progress and intervene quickly to keep students on track to success on summative exams.

Core Progress learning progression for math.

Accelerated Math will automatically schedule standards coverage based on the Core Progress learning progression for math, an empirically validated mapping of inter-related prerequisite skills needed to further conceptual understanding and achieve deep standards mastery. Core Progress includes resources to help you guide each student toward college and career readiness.

Core Progress

Math Content for all K-12 grades

AM content from Kindergarten through High School apply the best research available on the mathematics students must learn to be college and career ready. Assignments are algorithm-generated to produce different problems for the same subskill, so students can work together while still completing their own problems.

New to Accelerated Math 2.0: New content is now available – built from the ground up for state standards for college and career readiness mastery. You also now have access to tasks at Depth of Knowledge levels 2 and 3 to help you further differentiate by depth to help your students achieve deep standards mastery

Based on research. Built for results.

Over 100 research studies and reviews support the effectiveness of Accelerated Math. AM is also highly rated by key federally funded evaluators.


How it works—and works so well.

Teachers use their existing curriculum plus worked examples, sample problems, instructional videos, and math glossary terms from the software. Students receive assignments—online or on paper—tailored to the next subskills they're ready to work. Assignments are scored quickly, and teachers and students receive immediate feedback and reports to monitor progress and target instruction.

Actionable Data

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