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to math success.

Teachers know what works for students. That's why Accelerated Math (AM) is the most widely used math program in K-12 schools—and has been for years.

Accelerated Math helps teachers personalize math practice, differentiate instruction, monitor progress, and make data-driven decisions to guide each student to success. An Accelerated Math classroom is a beehive of activity—whether you choose to teach in a flipped classroom, peer-assisted learning, think-alouds, small group discussion, or one-on-one—you can easily personalize instruction with less "math anxiety," more enthusiasm, and better results.

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You spoke. We listened. See the new Accelerated Math.

A teacher management system engineered for college and career readiness

Coming summer 2014, teachers using Accelerated Math on our hosted platform can seamlessly import STAR Math data, differentiate grade-level standards by depth (as standards recommend), automatically schedule a full year of standards-based assignment plans, and monitor student progress at a glance using the Teacher Dashboard.

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Bring personalized practice to life.

Bring personalized practice to life.

How it works—and works so well.

Teachers use their existing curriculum plus worked examples, sample problems, instructional videos, and math glossary terms from the software. Students receive assignments—online or on paper—tailored to the next objective they're ready to work. Assignments are scored quickly, and teachers and students receive immediate feedback and reports to monitor progress and target instruction.


See the new online student program.

See the new online student program.

Core Progress learning progression for math.

The Core Progress learning progression for math tells you what students know and what they are ready to learn next on an empirically validated learning continuum. It maps the inter-related prerequisite skills needed to further conceptual understanding and provides resources to help students achieve mastery.

Core Progress

Math libraries for all K-12 grades

AM content libraries from Kindergarten through Calculus apply the best research available on the mathematics students must learn to be college and career ready. Assignments are algorithm generated to produce different problems for the same objective, so students can work together while still completing their own problems. New CCSS libraries are now available—built from the ground up for the Common Core.

Based on research. Built for results.

Over 100 research studies and reviews support the effectiveness of Accelerated Math. AM is also highly rated by key federally funded evaluators.

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